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Understanding the New Legal Landscape for Marketers

Marketing a company will always include company management making regular alterations to their marketing strategy and policy when conditions change in the marketplace. Of course, any solid marketing strategy will also include a legal component designed to protect the business, as well as maintain sound policy regarding treatment of customers. In particular, and especially in […]

The Value of Your Vote: Elections and Effective Online Advertising

I have been following the effective (or ineffective) use of current online advertising technologies during presidential campaigns for quite some time. In 2008, the presidential candidates started dipping their toes into using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and both campaigns jumped on the social media bandwagon. A quick search this year on who to vote for has […]

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SXSW Preview Day 2: A Case for Industry Evolution

The top picks for Saturday, March 10, cover a wide range of topics from analytics to the current state of journalism. To keep things simple, I’ll begin with the earliest panel of the day (starts at 9:30 a.m), Multi y Mono: A Cultural Advertising Battle. Unless you haven’t read a news story in a few years, you‘ll know that ethnic minorities are fast becoming a huge chunk of the consumer economy. To that point, this panel will explore the potential for minority-owned agencies and minority marketers to take the lead in advertising. Listed panelists include Carl Settles (Media Communications Council), Kelli Coleman (GlobalHue), Leslie Wingo (Sanders\Wingo), and Sergio Alcocer (LatinWorks).

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Why Net Neutrality Is A Debate Worth Watching

The debate over net neutrality in the U.S. has become, like so many other things, a partisan brawl. In December 2010, after a year of wrangling, the FCC set forth rules concerning net neutrality. Three high-level rules were proposed: transparency, no blocking, and no unreasonable discrimination. Basically, “transparency” requires fixed and wireless network providers to […]

How Wikileaks Is A Napster Moment For Democracy And What That Means For Net Neutrality

Wikileaks’ recent release of confidential cables hasn’t been that different from a newspaper publishing a story based on a confidential source. It’s just been a lot bigger. And the fallout is proving to be a Napster moment for democracy with net neutrality hanging in the balance. Wikileaks & the Fight for Net Neutrality In an […]

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What Does AOL’s Move Say About The Rush Of Political Advertising To The Web?

AOL is offering a robust platform for political advertising, called the Politics hub, that will allow marketers to create targeted campaigns across AOL’s growing properties across the web. The move should be one of many as ad networks work to take advantage of spending by political groups. According to Jeff Levick, President of AOL Global […]

Online Privacy Concerns Spread To Europe

The controversy surrounding a potential online privacy bill which attempts to partially regulate the use of behavioral targeting has not yet abated in the U.S. and it is now spreading to Europe. A few days ago, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in London published a market study of behavioral advertising, saying that “more could […]

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Net Neutrality Mandated in $7.2 Billion Broadband Stimulus Funding

Good news for Net Neutrality. This administration has shown that they are committed to the principals of Net Neutrality based on language in the rules recently released for the broadband stimulus funding. The Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) is offering grants for; deploying broadband infrastructure in under-served areas, enhancing broadband capacity in public computer centers, […]

Google and The Doublespeak of “Network Neutrality”

This whole issue is one of doublespeak. Net Neutrality is really free and open access for all, yet the opposition calls it excessive regulation of the Internet. Senator Ted Stevens kicked this off back in 2006 when he said, “Until somebody tells me what net neutrality means, until they can give me a definition, I don’t want it in there. Right now, nobody knows what it means, so why put it in the bill?”

CJ proposes $1 Million settlement over Malware Class Action

The class action filed against ValueClick subsidiaries CJ.com and BeFree has taken a new turn with ValueClick proposing a $1,000,000 settlement fund to be distributed to members of the class action suit. The lawsuit was originally filed against CJ after the legal team for the class action determined that CJ allowed software publishers to highjack […]