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It’s not our Olympics: Retailers omit mention of sponsorships in American advertising

Merchants are often desperate for any excuse to run a promotion or distribute a coupon. “Groundhog Day is coming? Let’s put out a coupon for that: the more shadow the higher the discount!” With such a mindset typical in most marketing departments, I am very surprised that the Olympics are starting next week and there […]

Should MyPoints Award Points for Political Action?

Today I received a MyPoints BonusMail email message with the unusual subject line “Tell Congress to Protect Seniors’ Medical Benefits.” That subject line immediately piqued my interest because of its political nature. I was, however, immediately troubled because I knew the focus of MyPoints is to award consumers points for their clicks and actions. Even […]

Overstock Files Lawsuit w Supreme Court to Fight New York Tax Law

  Breaking news as first reported by Linda Buquet at 5StarAffiliatePrograms.com, Internet retail giant Overstock who most recently dismissed their estimated 3,400 New York affiliates from their affiliate program which I had written about in a previous post Overstock.com Terminates All NY Affiliates has recently filed suit with the Supreme Court to fight the New […]

New York Collecting Sales Tax from Affiliates?

A serious post concerning the possibility of affiliates sales tax collection for affiliates based out of New York recently went up (April 17th 2008) on the internetretailer.com website. Due to the downtrodden economy Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York revived a plan to enhance New York’s tax revenue. Much of the buzz online considered that […]

Jason Calacanis Wants You Dead

Yes, it’s true. Jason wants to work you to death. The New York Times printed a story that says that blogging is deadly so it must be true. Jason has evidently built his wealth on the graves of many. I’m waiting for the NYT to do a complete investigation into the whereabouts of every blogger […]

Monetization Options for your Web Content

There are plenty of people out there in the space of internet marketing who fail to realize that affiliate marketing is first and foremost a way to monetize an online business or a personal website. It does not have to be a business at all actually, which separates it from most other methods to monetize […]

The Golden Dot Awards at the Politics Online Conference 2007

Last year I attended and commented on the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet’s Politics Online Conference. Although I no longer worked in the political space, the inexpensive conference ($495 this year though I recall paying less last year) intrigued me enough for a trip from my then-residence in New Jersey to Washington DC. […]

Cross Conferencing – Institute for Policy, Democracy and the Internet

You probably don’t know this about me, but last year I was exposed to the seamy side of democracy, , the world of New Jersey Politics when my uncle ran for governor. Sadly, he did not win, but the experience piqued my interest in politics online at the same time it destroyed my faith in […]