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Is There A Future For Blogs?

As social media continues to reshape the online world, one begins to question the relevancy of websites and, more specifically, blogs. After reading Rick Calvert’s comments about blogging and BlogWorld, which is expanding from one show to two this year, it’s hard to imagine that blogs won’t remain a key part of the media picture […]

Google vs Apple for Publisher Payment Solutions: Neither a Perfect Fit

The recent discussion in Media Beat around Google or Apple for publishers has been fascinating. On one hand I love to see the passion and loyalty people have for Apple or Google, but on the other hand there doesn’t really seem to be a debate as much as a religious shouting war. The way I […]

AOL Buys The Huffington Post — and Why It Matters

Hard to believe, but The Huffington Post is six years old. When it was launched by Arianna Huffington in 2005 with $1 million, it was one of the vanguards of the Internet newspaper revolution that would eventually lead to the demise of many a traditional newspaper. Now AOL has made a bold move to acquire […]

Here Come the Paywalls

This may be the year when newspapers finally put up or shut up. Print editions of newspapers continue to be under fire, losing both subscribers and advertisers at a rapid pace. They have no choice but to try to make money in other ways, the most obvious one being in producing digital editions. Last September, […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and 65 Percent Purchase Online Statistics

Everybody spends money for online content, or so you would think if you read the Pew Internet study just released. The report claims that 65 percent of internet users have paid for online content – which may be true but it is also misleading. The title is so misleading in fact, that I would bet […]

How Wikileaks Is A Napster Moment For Democracy And What That Means For Net Neutrality

Wikileaks’ recent release of confidential cables hasn’t been that different from a newspaper publishing a story based on a confidential source. It’s just been a lot bigger. And the fallout is proving to be a Napster moment for democracy with net neutrality hanging in the balance. Wikileaks & the Fight for Net Neutrality In an […]

On The Verge: eBooks No Longer A Passing Fancy

With almost $1 billion in sales, eBooks are here to stay whether book lovers (of the physical kind) like it or not. Google’s announcement Monday that it’s now a viable eBook contender only adds to the overall sense that the channels for eBooks are growing. Of particular interest is the 15 million books secured through […]

News Corp. Being Buried Under Crumbling Paywall

Often times, when the mogul behind an business empire dies, the empire either gets hacked up or falls to pieces. But in the case of News Corp., it seems that the company’s only chance of survival will be when Rupert Murdoch moves on to that big board meeting in the sky. In case you haven’t […]

Despite Phenomenal Growth Brands Slow to Adopt iPad

Since the iPad’s release in April 2010, 3.27 million units have been sold. Morgan Stanley analysts predict that 16 million units will be sold within the first year of the product’s release, and that the iPad is on target to become the world’s most popular mobile device. In terms of usage statistics, a study conducted […]