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Finding a Hook for YouTube Video Marketing

A YouTube video can be an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing. With the number of options that are available for sharing the material, you could easily find website owners based in another country are showing your material – without you lifting a finger. The problem with using YouTube is finding that perfect hook […]

YouTube Stops Flirting and Gets Serious with Big Brands

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When I wrote about the increasing commercialization of YouTube last May, it was before the Google subsidiary made a big hire. Lucas Watson, appointed the first VP of online video global sales for YouTube, is no lightweight. He comes to YouTube from his former position as head of digital business strategy for Procter & Gamble, […]

Tennessee Nixes Sharing With Friends And Family

Halt! Put your hands in the air and don’t move. If you live in Tennessee and you’ve shared your Netflix or Hulu password, or any other password for a premium service, you may have broken the law. In a move engineered, in part, by recording industry officials, the Tennessee legislature passed and Governor Bill Haslam […]

With Skype Purchase, Microsoft is Buying A Lot More Than You Might Think

The recently announced plan by Microsoft to acquire Skype for over $8 billion demonstrates that the Ballmer-led software giant isn’t about to give up the game to Google. What does Google have to do with it? Quite a lot, actually. Consider the fact that Google has its own Web-based telecommunications service called Google Voice – […]

YouTube’s Latest Move Signals Increased Commercialization

Increasingly, the YouTube you once knew is being transformed from a video repository into a commercial enterprise. It was inevitable, of course. YouTube’s latest move is only the latest example of the way in which the Google site is desperately seeking novel ways to increase its revenue. YouTube already has ads that run at the […]

Google Loses Market Share, Looks Beyond Search for Growth

At the close of Q1 2011, Google had lost some search market share and fell short of earning expectations. As a result, the search giant will be looking beyond its search products to drive future growth. Indeed, the company seems to seeking stability in a diversified revenue stream. Google’s Market Share & Earnings Comparing Q1 […]

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YouTube’s New Play for Video Streaming Dominance

Things continue to move at a blistering pace in the streamed video market. As I recently noted, Netflix is positioning itself to be a dominant player by acquiring original content like a new television series, “House of Cards,” which Netflix would arrange to distribute online before any other outlet carries it. Add to that the […]

The Business Side of YouTube

As the digital landscape increasingly shifts to social media, businesses are wrestling with ways to use it most effectively. Similarly, social media outlets are rapidly moving from informal consumer venues to more commercialized arenas that serve the needs of business. It’s no surprise that YouTube, a Google property, is following suit. YouTube’s statistics are absolutely […]

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P&G Ramps Up Social Media Marketing

Here’s a bit of marketing trivia for you: “soap operas,” the term that describes those serials that kept daytime television viewers engaged for over 75 years, were so named because Procter & Gamble (P&G) used them to promote its soap and detergent brands. But now, P&G has announced it is abandoning those soap operas in […]

Google Gearing Up For The Online Video Wars With Miramax Bid

It is no surprise that online video is rapidly becoming a commodity, thanks to ever-increasing broadband capacity and wide acceptance of Internet-enabled mobile phones. Increasingly, televisions are becoming conduits for streamed video as well, via streaming devices, players and DVRs, or through newly available IETV (Internet Enabled TV). Now streamed video is becoming the latest […]