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Major Online Forums Hacked by Affiliate Cookie-Stuffers

Here at ReveNews we strive to provide content not previously published elsewhere. The following article by affiliate expert Geno Prussakov focuses on the recent news of cookie-stuffing in major forums. It’s a timely and important subject worth revisiting. Two days ago, a famous affiliate abuse and click fraud detective Ben Edelman (see my recent Econsultancy […]

SXSW Preview Day 1: Hit the Ground Running

SXSW Interactive opens its doors officially Friday, March 9. And one of the ladies best equipped to kick things off will take the stage at 2 p.m. Friday. In Battle for the User Soul: Gamification’s Dark Side, user advocate and former game developer Kathy Sierra will look at how games have become a way to bribe people to engage or join a community as opposed to helping users do what they really want to do.

Counting Clicks: Using Google Analytics to Monitor Affiliate Traffic

As affiliates, many of us have accounts with multiple networks and independent programs. However, getting a quick snapshot of our daily clicks isn’t always the easiest task in the world and can be time consuming. Fortunately, with a slightly different approach to adding links to a website, we can give ourselves a one page overview […]

News Brief: LinkShare Beats the Industry and Rakuten Joins the Logo

February has been a busy month for LinkShare. Most recently LinkShare announced the results of its fourth quarter in 2011. The numbers seem to indicate that LinkShare has followed through on its strategy to deliver a broad range of search engine marketing successfully.

One-on-One Interview with 2012 Affiliate Manager of the Year Kim Salvino

Kim Salvino

I see opportunities for affiliate marketing all around us! Specifically, I would love to see local news sites abandon the display marketing method and move towards the affiliate marketing model. Rather than charging advertisers per view or click, I would like to see them testing the CPA model, learning that they could find greater benefit in referring sales rather than just traffic. I think we will continue to see our local Affiliate Summit and Meetup groups grow as people seek genuine ways to supplement their income or to leave a job they are unhappy in altogether.

The Ugly Underbelly of Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing. There are many reputable, ethical merchants who sell quality products and services online, and many merchants and affiliates who use ethical methods to market those products and services. This article isn’t about those businesses; it is about the rest of them. Anyone who has been in the affiliate marketing world for […]

News Brief: New Jersey Latest Star in Affiliate Tax Showdown

Things just got a little tougher for affiliates in the Garden State. State Senators Paul A. Sarlo (D, Bergen and Passaic) and Raymond J. Lesniak (D, Union) have introduced nexus legislation that will impact affiliate marketers living in New Jersey. Again, the primary argument being made is one of fairness for brick-and-mortar retailers. The bill […]

The Perfect Fit: Fashion and Affiliate Marketing

We’re now so used to clicking that “buy” button that we only vaguely recall the days when people raised eyebrows if you said you bought something online. Few things raised eyebrows higher than buying fashion—clothes, shoes, or accessories—items that in many instances were difficult to assess through a pictures unless you’d already seen and tried […]

Affiliate Industry 2012 Preview: Anthony Clements and Kevin Edwards of buy.at

The affiliate industry in the UK is strongly positioned. Since cost per acquisition became the common currency a few years ago we’ve seen the emergence of what I’d call affiliate “brands,” a handful of spectacularly successful affiliates who are driving our industry mainstream. This is obviously a positive development as it means we stand to take a greater slice of advertisers’ online marketing budgets, but it also brings challenges, first and foremost in the area of transparency.

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Affiliate Industry Preview: Affiliate Summit’s Shawn Collins

There is such a hunger for information on the local level by so many folks who don’t have the time or money to make a trip to a conference. It’s been fun to see the meetups help some people break into the industry and others mature their affiliate marketing efforts. I’d love to see the meetups expand to more cities and countries, and maybe even have a series of mega-meetups in various cities where we do a day of workshops.