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Affiliate Industry Preview: Todd Crawford of Impact Radius

Impact Radius’ primary goal for 2012 is to continue to develop our products: Generation, Foundation, Attribution, Coalition, Origination, and the Marketplace. We have a great product roadmap and will continue to bring new and innovative features to market in 2012.

Affiliate Industry Preview: Google Affiliate Network’s Dan Greene

This past year, the affiliate industry at large saw continued growth and development. Macroeconomic and social trends continue to drive consumers online, making discounts, coupons, and savings-based sites more popular than ever. For a quick and simple look at this trend, just enter any coupon-related keyword into Google Trends. Consumers are looking to save money on all of their purchases, driving growth in our industry in a variety of ways. Retailers continue to invest deeply in the affiliate channel, growing their affiliate programs even more. I’m excited about this space and see a lot of innovations on the horizon for the entire industry!

Affiliate Industry Preview: LinkShare’s Yaz Iida

Yaz Iida

We’re still seeing innovative business models and new sites all the time and it’s that innovation that makes the industry exciting. There are great opportunities for all types of publishers to earn commissions from a wide range of advertisers who are embracing the performance marketing model by investing more in the channel each year. I think as an industry we have to do a better job of proving the incremental value of the channel and that’s something that we’re looking at very closely at LinkShare.

Affiliate Industry Preview: ShareASale’s Brian Littleton

Bottom line, Illinois legislators were sold a bill of goods and are starting to notice that they didn’t get what they were sold. So yes, I do think we’ve seen the worst in Illinois, and are still seeing it. I am hopeful that we can rebound from here and build the affiliate marketing industry back up to where it was in Illinois.

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Kicking off the 2012 Affiliate Industry Preview Series

The beginning of a new year always signals an opportunity to create new growth and positive change. With the economy signaling a recovery and the increasing expansion of the digital world offline, 2012 holds a lot of promise. This year I’m happy to say that a wider array of industry experts participated than ever before […]

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Predictions: What to Look for in 2012

Predicting 2012

I’ve been watching very closely the trends in eCommerce and affiliate marketing and have put together my predictions for what we’ll see in 2012 and beyond. 1. Affiliate Marketing 3.0 is Born As 2011 came to a close, we saw a record in the number of cross-platform and cross-channel sales that defined eCommerce last year. […]

I Bleed Affiliate Marketing – An Interview with Todd Farmer

ReveNews and the Performance Marketing Association want to celebrate the glorious diversity of affiliates that make up the growing affiliate marketing space. We recognize that there are many different types of affiliates and they all provide value in their own particular way.   Their business come in all shapes and sizes and they all have […]

Tradedoubler Launches The Zoo Project, UK’s First Affiliate Marketing Incubator

Tradedoubler, the largest UK performance marketing network, announced the launch of the first UK incubator focused on entrepreneurial affiliate marketing companies. The Zoo Project  will provide £1 million of business resources and industry mentoring services for up to 20 affiliate marketing start-up companies that apply between now and January 6, 2012.  Business resources will include […]

A Big Investment: Can Marketers Prove Social Media is Paying Off?


As marketers look back on 2011, they’ll no doubt see another year in which social media grew at a blistering pace. It is no longer optional for marketers both large and small to make use of Twitter, Facebook, and the like; social media tools have become a mandatory part of an integrated media strategy. But […]

Pennsylvania Clarity Adds Wrinkle to Online Sales Tax

Unlike other states that passed big, contentious sales tax bills targeting online retailers, Pennsylvania took a more subtle but no-less misguided route. On Thursday, Secretary of Revenue Dan Meuser announced that certain online retailers will have until February 1, 2012, to become licensed to collect sales tax. The clarification is targeted at online retailers who […]