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5 Online Privacy Tips For Security Dependent Industries


Privacy is important for everyone. Privacy is important for businesses. And privacy is of particular importance for security-dependent industries like the medical sector, the financial sector, and the military sector. But even with all of the importance put on those …

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What’s Next for Your Online Security?

Online security

Last year, online security breaches compromised 6,000,000 Facebook accounts, 250,000 Twitter accounts and 780,000 Medicaid records in 2012, notes Fast Company. During the past two years, attacks have hit companies as big as Apple and Sony. If technologically sophisticated giants …

Cashing Out: Week of February 19th – 25th 2012 in Online Marketing News

White House Outlines Privacy Bill Of Rights

The Obama Administration announced its newly outlined Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights February 23. Though the proposed bill is still in the blueprint stage, the White House says it will be working …

Cashing Out: Week of February 4th – 11th 2012 in Online Marketing News

Klout’s first acquisition, local app Blockboard

Social influence measurement company Klout is gaining, well, clout with its very first acquisition, reports TechCrunch.

In a February 7 post on the company blog, Klout announced a new deal with Blockboard

Check’em Out: 3 Reasons To Test A Merchant’s Service Prior To Working With Them

In my search for a better health insurance policy,  I got quotes through one of my affiliate links. Going through the process reminded me that testing and re-testing merchants and vendors on your site remains one of the most …

The Bad and The Good of Filtering Information

Should we be concerned about what we’re not being exposed to on the Internet?

The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You is a new book that raises the issue, focusing on the potential negative effect of the …

Using Data To Build A Better Online Business

Online marketers that understand how to use data to improve their online business are reaping the benefits. No longer are they relying on emotional hunches to make choices. They are making informed decisions about their businesses and where to invest …

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Kerry-McCain Bill May Be Best Online Marketers Can Hope For

If online marketers have learned anything, it’s not to depend on big government to solve big problems.  In fact, oftentimes it seems big government legislates and regulates to make the business environment even more challenging than it already is.

Now …

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Senators announce Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights

High-profile Senators John Kerry and John McCain proposed a bill April 12 in the Senate to deal with what has been an ongoing concern of the Obama administration.

The Commercial Privacy Bill of …

What Has Data Mining Done For You Lately?

As 2011 kicked off, there were already several digital marketing blogs citing what the new trends for the year ahead would be. Present on all of those lists was data mining. Those of us who collect data and use …