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Performance Marketing Poised For Dramatic Growth

Last week in Santa Barbara, CJU attendees breathed a communal, but skeptical, sigh of relief as the media reported an end to the Great Recession. Thankfully, the Affiliate Marketing channel has fared better than most other industries due to its focus on pay-for-performance pricing models. Kerri Pollard, General Manager of Commission Junction, presented some of […]

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Should You Care About Nexus One?

Google’s heralded smartphone, Nexus One, was introduced last week. It probably didn’t receive its due in publicity because it was, in effect, an upgrade of the Android, which already made a big splash as the “Droid.” So as an online marketer, should you care about Nexus One? Let’s begin to answer the question by first […]

How Far They’ve Fallen

A few short years ago, who could have imagined how precarious business conditions would be for traditional newspapers and magazines. As 2009 comes to a close, it marks the end of another dismal year for print media. Symbolic of the plight of magazines was the October 5 announced shutdown of the 70-year old Gourmet by […]

Online Retail Sales Strong Despite Recession

While the economy may look pretty bleak and online ad revenue is down, there is good news when it comes to ecommerce.  Why? Well, online retail sales were up in the first quarter of 2009. A survey conducted by Shop.org and Forrester in early April noted that almost sixty percent of retailers reported that their […]

LA Times Signals Industry is Not Dead Yet

I think of Monty Python when I think of the old guard of the newspaper industry. In particular newspaper upper management brings up images of Python’s “Upper Class Twit of the Year” skit. With the print media industry facing extinction the Los Angeles Times has announced with fanfare that online advertising might be the lifeline […]

The Google Scrooge of 2009?

First, I want to wish everyone a happy holidays and let all of our partners know that we really appreciated the cards and gifts this year.  It’s always nice to spread the holiday cheer and wish everyone a healthy and profitable 2009! That being said, let me go into a mini-rant mode. Many of us spend a lot of […]

Top 10 Must See Sessions at CES 2009

Ok we all know that no one really goes to the International Consumer Electronics Show for the sessions. With over 2,700 exhibitors eager to showcase their marquee product line for this year in hopes of creating the kind of buzz that will carry them into next year, there are plenty of distractions to waylay even […]

Recession Got You Down? Give Email Marketing a Try

In today’s less than ideal market conditions, paying large amounts of money on unproven marketing campaigns is extremely risky. As a result, companies should use proven yet affordable marketing methods. Since email marketing is both affordable and a proven way to develop relationships with customers, this route is definitely the way to go. Email Marketing […]

The Banner is Dead

Over the last week I was part of a spirited private debate about the death of banners and display advertising. Peter Figueredo even posted on this subject while I was composing this. It was all sparked by Procter & Gamble’s GM for interactive marketing and innovation, Ted McConnell saying “I really don’t want to buy […]

Is Display Advertising Worthwhile In A Down Economy?

Many companies are slashing their marketing budgets and evaluating how marketing dollars are spent due to the tough economic times. Slashing budgets is a clear sign that “Lean and Mean” is the current theme for many businesses. On average most research suggests that (while growing) online advertising still only represents less than 10% of where […]