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Taking the Time to Remember

Today was a slow day at the office. Of course one of the perks of this industry is the office is at home, or some coffee shop, or yes, even the beach. Things move so fast in this industry that I find myself thinking of slow sleepy days as a kind of luxury. Fact is […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

The first post is always a little scary. You may have been writing for years but when a new title is suddenly attached to your post it seems slightly daunting. Suddenly you have forgotten how to spell the word “vision” and when you see it on the page you have a sneaking suspicion it’s never […]

New Revenews.com Editor-in-Chief

I have some great news to announce! Angel Djambazov (one of our resident Revenews bloggers) has been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief for ReveNews.com Born in Bulgaria, Angel Djambazov has spent his professional career in the fields of journalism and online marketing. In his journalistic career he worked as an editor on several newspapers and […]

Light at the end of the tunnel…

Ok – time to break my silence on what’s been going on, but please don’t hold your breath for a full explanation (although what’s below should suffice) – that will come in time! This note is basically to say that Revenews is not a rudderless ship and I will give you all a brief history […]

Is ReveNews a Rudderless Ship?

The ship hath been suddenly becalmed. Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion ; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean. I feel partial ownership of ReveNews since I have been a long time reader, participant, and author here. There have been times in the past when […]

Time To Move On, Time to Get Going

I’m stepping down as the Publisher of ReveNews. I’ve been commanding the helm of this ship since last April (April Fool’s Day actually) when Wayne, Vinny and I first announced the merger of ReveNews and CostPerNews along with the new owners of ReveNews. It was no joke despite the date. Over that year, we made […]

Accretion Disks and Siding With the Spiders

The curse of being curious is that it is very difficult to translate and communicate wonder. Having been an 8th grade science teacher and then a college professor of religious studies, I’ve faced that difficult chasm many times over the years. However, working on a daily basis with marketers and advertisers mostly interested in one […]

ReveNews: Looking Back and Ahead

Now that we’re finally moved over to WordPress and the conversations (and traffic) are beginning to flow again, I thought we’d do a fun trip down memory lane.This isn’t really a substantive post, but it’s Friday afternoon so let’s have some fun. For those of you new to ReveNews, the site has a storied history. […]

Think Big

I was wrong. Initially after the Jason Calacanis keynote, I immediately started defending affiliate marketing in my own head and in my writings by invoking minutiae details about the good things and people involved in affiliate marketing and the things that I saw as hypocritical in the Mahalo platform or Jason’s practices on the web. […]

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ReveNews Comment Feed

I’ve gotten a number of emails this week about the reinvigorated commenting going on here at ReveNews. Thanks to WordPress (and the beyond awesome ContentRobot team), it’s easier than ever to leave a comment here. However, many people want a better way to keep up with all of the new comments being made than the […]