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Feedburner: Will the Latest Updates Finally Improve Functionality?

Feedburner has, so far, been the black sheep of the Google family of products. Google purchased Feedburner in 2007, and has been slow to fully integrate the service into its functionality, even having frequent conflicts between Google Reader and Feedburner. While still the most reliable of the feed offerings, it had major issues including wildly […]

Google Wave, We Hardly Knew You

Wave, which was once touted as the email and social media killer by Google, has been phased out by the search giant. It will still be around, hovering on the web with its diehard users, but Google plans to let it die on the vine. Somehow the billion-dollar bully of the Internet wasn’t able to […]

Social Marketing Best Practice: Marketers are Publishers

After all the thunder,  here’s the lightning: Euro e-Commerce rock star Rok Hrastnik.  I dared ask the Web business leader of Europe’s infomercial powerhouse, Studio Moderna, “is interruptive marketing dead?… because all this social — and for that matter online — marketing stuff seems big-time disruptive to traditional media like TV.”  Boy did he surprise […]

SEO Concerns and Product Update Issues with Affiliate Product Data Feeds

A visitor of my site who read some of my product data feed resources contacted me with an interesting question about how to deal with availability and SEO issues when you are utilizing merchant product feeds. If I build a website with an affiliate data feed of an example: 10,000 different digital camera products. How […]

Affiliate Data Feed Delivery via HTTP

I was updating and expanding my affiliate product data feeds and APIs resources at Cumbrowski.com, in particular the resources to the product feeds and store builder feature provided by the PepperJam affiliate network, which was launched about one year ago. I liked what I saw overall, although some items were, in my opinion a great […]

LinkShare’s Contextual Targeted Merchandiser Web Services API – Easy Links

A look under the hood of LinkShare’s Targeted Merchandiser API web service and the Easy Links widget feature, which is based on this new LinkShare web services.

How to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

You break your back running your blog, but as months roll by, your number of RSS subscribers can still be counted on two hands. It’s a depressing situation, and it can make you question the whole point of blogging. Don’t get down on yourself; there are several things you can do to increase your blog […]

Options for Using Affiliate Product Data Feeds as an Affiliate Publisher

Somebody contacted me recently with some very specific questions about affiliate product data feeds. “I have an Affiliate company with 1 other person and right now we have a little over 1000 SEO-based sites. We want to add product data from different Affiliate NW’s, particularly CJ, ShareASale and Pepperjam. We’re looking for a tool/application that […]

Data and Information Flow Hurdles in Affiliate Marketing

Subtitle: About Data Feeds, Web Services and the use of Interfaces (APIs) in Affiliate Marketing.Slow progress is made when it comes to the utilization of data feeds and web services by affiliate networks and also by advertisers. The biggest progress is currently made when it comes to web services, which is a good thing.The use […]

Three Free BUMPzee! Goodies

BUMPzee! , the blog communities, RSS reader and social networking site by Scott Jangro became quite popular. It started out as a blog community for affiliate marketers, extended to search engine marketing and allows today the creation of your own custom communities, if there is none yet that covers the topic that is dear to […]