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Google Toys With Ad Placements Before the Holidays

Leave it to Google to make big sweeping changes just prior to the major holiday shopping season. Not only did they announce 10 algorithm changes, which includes an update that will affect one-third of their queries by adding real-time search, but they also made a major design change to how they will present paid search listings. […]

3 Things Google Tells Your Customers—Whether You Like It or Not

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Some of the most important SEO practices are also some of the most obvious. It’s easy to think of things like backlinks, title tags, and crawl errors. But what about when you do a search on Google, for example, and the search engine results page (SERP) has a snapshot of pages from your site? The […]

The Impact Of Search

A new report issued by McKinsey & Company takes a comprehensive look at search, offering insight into its global impact and economic value. McKinsey reports that an average U.S. user in 2010 performed about 1,500 searches. Some 90 percent of online users rely on search engines (which begs the question, what are the other 10 […]

For Better Or Worse, Hubpages Makes The Move To Subdomains

Recently, I received an email from Hubpages.com letting me know that if I failed to migrate my account to a subdomain, it planned to do so automatically. This move reflects Hubpages’ efforts to rebuild its SEO after the farmer update gave them a fairly large hit. In theory, migrating everyone from URLs to sub-domains could work, […]

The Bad and The Good of Filtering Information

Should we be concerned about what we’re not being exposed to on the Internet? The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You is a new book that raises the issue, focusing on the potential negative effect of the way websites including Google, Facebook, and Netflix use personalization engines to filter information. Author Eli […]

10 Reasons To Outsource (Some) Marketing (6-10)

Previously, we looked at 5 of 10 reasons why you might consider outsourcing some of your marketing to an agency. In that last installment we explored factors such as specialized expertise, bandwidth, outside perspective, education, and R&D as potential reasons to outsource. Well, in this installment, we look at 5 more reasons you should consider […]

Advanced Search Engine Marketers Head To Seattle

SMX Advanced is billed as the only search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced internet marketers, and is quickly approaching.  The crown jewel of search engine marketing conferences will take place in Seattle on June 7th and 8th and according to their recent blog post, there are only 175 tickets left and the $300 early […]

Google Loses Market Share, Looks Beyond Search for Growth

At the close of Q1 2011, Google had lost some search market share and fell short of earning expectations. As a result, the search giant will be looking beyond its search products to drive future growth. Indeed, the company seems to seeking stability in a diversified revenue stream. Google’s Market Share & Earnings Comparing Q1 […]

What Has Data Mining Done For You Lately?

As 2011 kicked off, there were already several digital marketing blogs citing what the new trends for the year ahead would be. Present on all of those lists was data mining. Those of us who collect data and use data mining know just how important it is for business intelligence and growth. Data mining is […]

Google Introduces the +1 Button

Google has seen the success of Facebook’s Like Button and wants in on the action! Logged in Google users will now have the ability to “like” Google ads and Organic Listings in Google search by using the new +1 button. Here is a video introducing the +1 button: When you +1 something on Google, you […]