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4 IT Department Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

4 IT Department Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

Today’s company relies increasingly on technology for success. Between 2010 and 2013, the percentage of small business owners who felt keeping up with new technology was very important to the success of their company rose from 65 percent to 70 percent, according to a National Small Business Association survey. While having a tech support team […]

The 7 Types of Insurance Business Owners Value Most

No entrepreneur is safe from lawsuits and legal challenges, no matter how small your business may be. Companies of all sizes can become a primary target for lawsuits and other catastrophic events that will shut the operation down. Since 90 percent of startups fail these days, this isn’t a risk you want to take. When […]

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Protecting your Small Business Information

There are a lot of hackers out there, and with what happened to Sony still on everyone’s minds, no company wants to compromise the safety of sensitive information. Owning a small business is no easy task, so why make things more difficult by risking your company’s security? At best, your website could get shut down […]

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What’s Next for Your Online Security?

Online security

Last year, online security breaches compromised 6,000,000 Facebook accounts, 250,000 Twitter accounts and 780,000 Medicaid records in 2012, notes Fast Company. During the past two years, attacks have hit companies as big as Apple and Sony. If technologically sophisticated giants such as these are vulnerable, what can entrepreneurs and home workers do to protect their […]

Major Online Forums Hacked by Affiliate Cookie-Stuffers

Here at ReveNews we strive to provide content not previously published elsewhere. The following article by affiliate expert Geno Prussakov focuses on the recent news of cookie-stuffing in major forums. It’s a timely and important subject worth revisiting. Two days ago, a famous affiliate abuse and click fraud detective Ben Edelman (see my recent Econsultancy […]

Cashing Out: Week of January 15th – 21st 2012 in Online Marketing News

Plug pulled on SOPA, PIPA postponed Internet companies and users who opposed two bills aimed at stopping online piracy are celebrating two victories this week, with the January 20 withdrawal of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). ReveNews reported last week that scales were beginning to tip in the debate, but […]

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AVG Report Highlights Clever Criminals, Facebook Follies, & Mobile Mistakes

Online Security

Despite firewalls, virus scanners, and 15-character passwords, we still face a risk that someone will try to phish or scam information that unlocks financial doors. It’s even happening in online communities where we feel safe. And now it’s not just our computers. Mobile devices have become the new gateway for savvy criminals who want your […]

Risky Communication: Protecting Digital Attorney-Client Privilege

Our digital connection to work is often so constant that we forget to draw the line between personal and professional. You may want to draw that line more clearly based on a recent ethics opinion released by the American Bar Association (ABA). In short (full opinion), the ABA tells attorneys that they need advise clients […]

The Bad and The Good of Filtering Information

Should we be concerned about what we’re not being exposed to on the Internet? The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You is a new book that raises the issue, focusing on the potential negative effect of the way websites including Google, Facebook, and Netflix use personalization engines to filter information. Author Eli […]

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Google Offers, If You Can’t Buy ’em, Beat ’em

I got an email from our editor asking me what I thought about Google Offers and if it is something I’d want to write about.  I initially thought that it was just another attempt for Google to try be social, something Google still hasn’t figured out it can’t do in a vacuum. But something about […]