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How Wikileaks Is A Napster Moment For Democracy And What That Means For Net Neutrality

Wikileaks’ recent release of confidential cables hasn’t been that different from a newspaper publishing a story based on a confidential source. It’s just been a lot bigger. And the fallout is proving to be a Napster moment for democracy with net neutrality hanging in the balance. Wikileaks & the Fight for Net Neutrality In an […]

Malware Thriving On Facebook Apps

Ever wonder just how big the Facebook juggernaut is? Facebook reports over 500 million users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook interacting with over 900 million objects (pages, groups and events) and 30 billion pieces of content (web links, blog posts, photo albums, etc). You don’t have to hear those staggering statistics […]

A Different Approach: 4 Companies to Learn From

You are probably familiar with the adages “Why fix it if it isn’t broken” or “Why try to reinvent the wheel.”  While you don’t always have to reinvent or fix something that works it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for ways to try and make improvements.  If people would stop trying to improve things then […]

Facebook Launches Three Suits Against Affiliate Marketing Scams

On October 19, 2010, Facebook filed three separate lawsuits all involving use of the Facebook platform to engage in what Facebook considered fraudulent activates which were monetized through CPA networks.  The lawsuits named Steven Richter, Jason Swan and MaxBounty. as defendants. Two of the lawsuits named individuals and not the respective network as defendants. All three cases […]

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RFID Hooks Up With Social Media

There was a time when RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags were regarded as nothing more than a way for retailers to control their inventory. Now marketers are seeing the potential for a whole different application of this technology… so much so that privacy advocates are getting nervous. In August, Wal-Mart started to put removable “smart […]

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Make Room: Social Media Invading Home Controller Markets

Social media has woven itself firmly into the fabric of our lives – and it’s about to become part of home control systems. Home control systems are designed to manage such functions as lights, alarms, appliances, and thermostats. They have already made the technological leap to integration with wireless devices. A recent iPhone ad, for […]

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Will “Paying” Consumers For Their Data Head Off Privacy Worries?

Online privacy concerns may continue to mount in the U.S. and Europe, but some marketers think they have the solution: “Pay” consumers for their personal data with an item of perceived value. It’s a simple idea that’s as basic as the tried-and-true direct marketing formula: if you want information from consumers, just ask – but […]

Apple Drops The Ball, Norton Comes Up With An iPhone Solution

Reading over the Apple discussion forums I came across a post from a concerned iPhone user whose phone was mimicking actions that resembled malware infections they had seen on different PCs running Windows and were symptomatic “of 3 well documented viruses/worms on unlocked iPhones”. The response to these concerns were somewhat depressing, albeit common when […]

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Dasient Proclaims Its Technology As Malvertising Cure

Back in April, I wrote a piece about Yahoo’s RightMedia Manager being the number one distributor of malvertising. Despite the attention malvertising gained from delivering malicious ads on large web sites like The New York Times, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, WhitePages.com, and the Drudge Report this type of cyber criminal activity still permeates the Internet. How Malvertising […]

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Is Facebook Or Google The Lesser Of Two Evils?

Google made recent headlines when they announced that while cruising around different neighborhoods to collect photographs for Street View, they had inadvertently collected private information from various Wi-Fi networks that were unencrypted. Like their previous step into hot water with privacy advocates when they published a bit too much Buzz information, Google was quick to […]