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Facebook Business Looks to Expand

Most people know that Facebook business has had its ups and downs in the past. For example, an up would be the amount of users they current have on their site is rising. A down would be that underwhelming IPO that kicked off a year ago. Again Facebook has been able to get its name […]

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Twitter Ads Now Available to Everyone in U.S.

For quite some time, the Twitter Ads platform wasn’t open to everyone. Most advertising options were available to United States based businesses by invitation only. Now the Twitter Ads platform is finally available for all U.S. Twitter accounts. According to a blog post by Ravi Narasimhan, Twitter Product Manager, the past year of testing gave […]

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Why Your Site Needs Pinterest and How to Get Started

Why Your Site Needs Pinterest and How to Get Started Pinterest has quickly become one of the hottest social media sites in the world. It was originally created as a way for individuals to bookmark their favorite pages in an attractive and interesting new fashion, and share them with others. However, businesses soon jumped on […]

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Facebook Mobile Business Pages Get a Makeover

Facebook mobile business pages just got a makeover. The new design features a cleaner, smoother look. It’s currently available on the Facebook mobile site and Facebook for iOS app. Android users can expect the app update in May. The new Facebook mobile business pages include large icons, maps and ratings. Calls to Action are Most […]

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Facebook Partner Categories Improve Target Advertising

Facebook partner categories was released this week for advertisers. Partner categories create a more customizable advertising experience. This feature will help you better target your audience. You can now more effectively reach the right people at the right time. Facebook Partner Categories Target Buyers of Specific Products Previously, Facebook only allowed advertisers to target ads […]

Youtopica – The Birth of a New Social Media Sensation

I recently had the chance to meet Nicu Burac, the founder of a new social media site called Youtopica.  I found Nicu very smart and engaging, and found his new site, Youtopica attention grabbing and fascinating.  To me, Youtopica feels like a cross between Pinterest and Linkedin, but as Nicu describes below, it would be […]

Will LinkedIn Leapfrog the Competition or Lose Its Differentiation?

We are witnessing a fairly rapid evolution of social media networks as Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn make substantial changes to their features and appearance. The most dramatic change, however, may well be to LinkedIn, the network that has long distinguished itself as strictly for business and professional use. LinkedIn introduced a new feature in […]

Feeling the Burn: Recovering from Social Media Burnout

Social Media Burn Out

If you’re tired of reading 500 tweets a day and have carpal tunnel from scrolling through your Facebook stream, you may have social media burnout. Other symptoms include a nagging feeling that all this “engagement” is pointless, more interest in self-promotion and less in selfless-promotion, and a complete lack of strategic direction. Why Social Media […]

Too Big to Ignore: The Market Potential for Social Search

One of the effects of a giant infusion of capital, which Facebook is anticipating with its IPO this week, is the ability to expand a business into new ventures. Search looms as too tantalizing a market to ignore. Despite Google’s dominance in the search engine market, there does seem to be room for a major […]