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Gowalla Says Goodbye – Say Hello Loso

Location Services

I have never been a huge fan of social apps, like Gowalla, that revolve around check ins, mainly because I’m paranoid about people knowing when I’m not home. But I was sort of shocked to hear that Facebook was acquiring Gowalla’s management team, but not continuing with it as a stand-alone service. “While Facebook isn’t […]

Chasing After Influence: A Social Media Trap or the Holy Grail?

Influence—it’s what social media gurus (and affiliate marketing experts) say your company should be pursuing (or what you should be paying attention to). We’re told “influencing the influencers” is the Holy Grail—the key to unlocking success and social media is in the thick of it. But might all the hype about influencers be a trap? […]

The Rebirth Of Gnomedex Is SIC

There is a natural tendency to not want good things to end. It’s why many champions fight on beyond their prime even at the risk of hurting their own legacy. But as fans, there is a part of us that wants them to continue. When Chris Pirillo, President of Lockergnome, “retired” Gnomedex last August, I […]

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Does IPO Fever Signal Another Tech Bubble?

After LinkedIn hit the IPO jackpot last month, it looks as though more web companies are lining up on the way to Wall Street hoping billions are in the future. A quick glance at possible candidates to go public in the near future has some stout names: Zygna, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter, among others. These heavyweight […]

Google Loses Market Share, Looks Beyond Search for Growth

At the close of Q1 2011, Google had lost some search market share and fell short of earning expectations. As a result, the search giant will be looking beyond its search products to drive future growth. Indeed, the company seems to seeking stability in a diversified revenue stream. Google’s Market Share & Earnings Comparing Q1 […]

How To Get Social With SEO (because you have to)

Between Facebook’s expanded deal with Bing and the recent launch of Google’s +1 button, it’s clear that search is becoming more social. So while Facebook isn’t about to take over search and become the next Google (per se), one thing is clear: if you want to rank, you’re going to have to get social with […]

Google Introduces the +1 Button

Google has seen the success of Facebook’s Like Button and wants in on the action! Logged in Google users will now have the ability to “like” Google ads and Organic Listings in Google search by using the new +1 button. Here is a video introducing the +1 button: When you +1 something on Google, you […]

Getting the Most Out of Social Aided Search

At some point during the last year, you’ve been hit with the word social: the social web, social apps, or social marketing. By now you’re probably a bit skeptical about the value of social, but when applied to real-world projects, leveraging social can generate real results. Recently our agency started testing the results of making […]

Inflicting Damage: Google Napalms UGC, Competitors And Content Farms

According to Google, last week’s Google’s algorithm update was supposed to help people find “more high-quality sites in search.” But when you look at the top 25 losers, you can’t help but notice Google seems to have devalued user-generated-content (UGC), and some of the losers can be construed as competing with Google’s modus operandi (MO). […]

How Involved in Social Media Should the Government Be?

Last week, Facebook put-out a 26-page retort to the FTC’s preliminary report on privacy regulation. Unsurprisingly, the document wreaks of economic interests, but it also raises some questions about who should foot the bill for social media. Through its retorts, Facebook seemed to be appealing to precisely to the kind of concerns that policy makers […]