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Last Call for Social Media Evangelists

Social media is growing up real quick, and it looks like it’s time for it to put down the beer-bong, move out of the frat house and move into the cubicle. Basically, the party is over, and a lot of marketers will find that conversions are the only cure to their social media hangover. Last […]

Breaking News: News Corp Hangs “For Sale” Sign on MySpace

$275 million is what News Corp. spent on improvements to MySpace in 2010. That was simply in an attempt to right the sinking ship that the network has become. Now, News Corp. COO Chase Carey told analysts during quarterly earning reviews, that: “With a new structure in place, now is the right time to consider […]

Facebook Can do Popularity, Just Don’t Call it Search

There’s no shortage of speculation about Facebook ultimately displacing Google and taking over search. For starters, Americans spend more than 6 times as much time on social networks as they do searching. More importantly, search engines such as Bing and Blekko have already integrated Facebook’s Open Graph into their SERPs. But while Google has only […]

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How Facebook Keeps Both Big and Small Businesses Happy

As Facebook positions itself for a forthcoming IPO after swallowing a $450 million investment from Goldman Sachs, it continues to reinvent itself as a friend to businesses big and small. While I’ve questioned the impact that commercializing Facebook may have on its consumer-oriented character, I can’t help but admire the attention the social network pays […]

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CityVille’s Numbers May Be Record Breaking But Zynga Faces Harsh Reality

Social gamers might be excited by Zynga’s CityVille hitting a record number of users. Investors might by excited by CityVille’s potential revenue. Both may be interested in the impact CityVille could have on the virtual goods market. With a record number of users and revenue for a single game, CityVille’s success might give you the impression […]

Google’s Christmas Wish List

What do you get the search giant that has over 50 percent of the market? Well, having over half of the search market cornered doesn’t mean that you have everything. And even though most of us can’t afford anything that Google would appreciate, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things that Google really […]

Google, Wikileaks, and Location Wars: Lessons learned from 2010

It’s been a helluva year, and not just for Google and Facebook. We’ve seen location based services (LBS) goes more mainstream, the rise of Groupon, and the dirty laundry of politicians and diplomats aired out on the worldwide interwebs. So what exactly can we learn from the year of 2010? Well, a few things. Google […]

Google vs Facebook in 2010: A Blow-by-Blow Review

Given how Facebook has grown in the last year, it’s no surprise that Facebook is perceived as Google’s new rival. While the company’s $1.28 billion in projected revenue pales in comparison to Google’s earnings, Americans spend only 138 million hours a month searching compared to 906 million hours on social networks. Needless to say, the […]

Social Media Numbers: Don’t Retweet Everything You See

You might have seen the following article headlined in a friend’s Twitter stream: “Twitter Crushes Facebook for Marketing” or with another variation of the slug: “Although Facebook has a larger social media presence and more users, Twitter gives businesses more clicks.” Entrepreneur.com republished this article on December 10, 2010, after its initial publication as a […]