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How Facebook is Growing So Fast

Last Friday, Hitwise reported that Facebook received 25 percent of all page views in the US. That’s 5 times the page views that Google received. Hitwise also logged Facebook as receiving 3 percent more web visits than the search giant. And this all excludes mobile traffic. And while Hitwise’s competitor, comScore, still has Facebook trailing […]

Dear Google, You Can’t Be Social In A Vacuum

With last week’s launch of Hotpot, Google now has a full suite of location-based, social recommendation tools. But will it be enough to help them catch up to Facebook’s lead in both ad impressions and page views ? Of all tech companies, you’d figure that Google would understand that just because you build it, that […]

The Many Faces Of Facebook Ads

Facebook has surpassed Google in terms of ad impressions, but its average CPM still remains drastically below the industry standard for a site of its size. So what does this mean for the future of Facebook as an ad platform? Well, maybe the better question is: How many ad platforms does Facebook really have? Roses […]

MySpace Tries For Another Resurrection

Did you hear? MySpace is all new. Again. MySpace, of course, is riding the new way of publicity while it can, all while pouring plenty of money into advertising their new site. Among the news sites touting the revamped social media outcast are CNN, MSNBC, Fortune and the Huffington Post. San Francisco-based ad agency Pereira […]

Bands and Brands: An interview With Unmarketing About Shifting Business Paradigms

Ever since meeting him at SOBCon I’ve been impressed with Scott Stratten’s down to earth, humanistic approach to marketing and his mad karaoke skills (photo below courtesy of Steve Hall). Scott, aka @unmarketing, is the bestselling author of “UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging” and was one of the highlights of BlogWorld 2010. I sat down […]

TheFind Becomes Super-Social-Affiliate

Earlier this week, it was announced that the comparison shopping site, TheFind, took social shopping to a new level by integrating Facebook Connect in an unprecedented way. This move might represent a double-edged sword for the world of affiliate marketing, lending much needed legitimacy to the red-headed stepchild of online advertising, but potentially crowding out […]

Is Mark Zuckerberg Right About Privacy?

Mark Zuckerberg’s mouth has gotten him a lot of trouble over privacy issues. In January, he declared the end to the age of privacy, and admitted “that if he were to create Facebook again today, user information would by default be public, not private.” Then, in April, a NY Times journalist outed Zuck’s true privacy […]

3 Factors To Consider About Social Media Measurement

So, you’ve set up a social media campaign for your business; you’re spending time and resources on it, and want to know how you’re doing. Are you optimizing your efforts? How can you tweak things to make results more effective? Which also asks the question, what parts of your campaign are indeed most effective? There […]

5 Predictions About The Social Network Movie

On October 1st, the Facebook movie, The Social Network, will come out. And all indications, thus far, suggest that a lot of money and talent is going into it. The screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin (writer of West Wing and A Few Good Men) and Trent Reznor has written the score. The media machine […]

How Apple and Google Could Kill Off Facebook

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about what Apple and Google plan to do about the social web. While Apple recently launched iTunes Ping, Google has been acquiring social networking companies like the Rothschilds acquired the British Empire the the day after Waterloo. And while everyone wonders whether any of this will work out […]