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The Ugly Underbelly of Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing. There are many reputable, ethical merchants who sell quality products and services online, and many merchants and affiliates who use ethical methods to market those products and services. This article isn’t about those businesses; it is …

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What Do Dieting and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?

What Do Dieting and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?

Stop the Insanity!

“It’s official. It’s now impossible to keep up with the irrelevant data, false claims, illogical conclusions, and plain bad journalism associated with positive claims about social media,” …

Why Long-Form Writing Still Matters

This coming year is likely to be one of evolution. As services mature, policies change, and new ideas try to break through, we’re required to adapt. But one adaptation I’m hoping we resist is the wholesale adoption of …

ReveNews’ 2012 Resolutions – A Year of Evolution

2012 Resolutions

In much the same way that people post their resolutions for the new year, today I’m posting my resolutions for ReveNews. When I agreed to take on the role of Managing Editor, I had ideas…lots of ideas. Some of those …

With The Shakeup At ABestWeb Will The Forum Thrive Or Die?

Big days in our lives stick out, and one that’s stuck with me is the day I received an email from 1-800-Pet-Meds telling me to take a look at ABestWeb (ABW).

1-800-Pet-Meds asked me to join their affiliate program at …

Why Gary Vee Should Champion Social Media Evolution, Not Revolution

Wildly successful as both an entrepreneur and author, Gary Vaynerchuk (popularly known as“Gary Vee the wine guy”) is known for creating WineLibrary.tv and writing Crush It: Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion.

Like so …

Why Marketers Should Skip the War and Eat the Soup

A few years ago I sat in on a marketing class at Concordia University. I was downtown and had some time on my hands so I went to class and listened to what the next generation of people was learning.  …

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Advertising Tax: Education, not Legislation

Editor’s Note: The more points of view that are put out about Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s ratification of the ill-conceived affiliate nexus bill HB 3659, the more chance the industry has to come together and have a discussion on the

PMA’s Rebecca Madigan Responds To The Loss In Illinois And Why The Fight Has Just Begun

Note: This article is a reprint of a response Rebecca Madigan, Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association, gave in the comments section of our Illinois Gov. Quinn Flaunts “Fairness” in Passing Nexus Tax, Cuts off Nose to Spite Amazon

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Consumers Should Hate Themselves and Not Satan’s Little Helpers

Marketers pride themselves on their ability to break down an audience into specific groups and target them with a customized message. It’s this very ability comedian Bill Hicks (below) righteously attacked when he said that advertisers and marketers should