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Have You Done Your Taxes? 7 Steps to Get You Ready for April 17

Preparing Taxes

Depending on where you’re at in your career, this year may mark the first time you’ve filed taxes under your own business. While being self-employed comes with some pluses, doing one’s taxes isn’t one of them. Perhaps you’ve already got your taxes completed and ready to go, but for those of you still waiting to […]

News Brief: New Jersey Latest Star in Affiliate Tax Showdown

Things just got a little tougher for affiliates in the Garden State. State Senators Paul A. Sarlo (D, Bergen and Passaic) and Raymond J. Lesniak (D, Union) have introduced nexus legislation that will impact affiliate marketers living in New Jersey. Again, the primary argument being made is one of fairness for brick-and-mortar retailers. The bill […]

News Brief: Pennsylvania Delays Online Tax Compliance Until September

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Revenue Dan Meuser issued an extension today for online businesses with a physical presence in the state to become compliant with licensing and sales tax collection. As we reported in December, the state originally requested compliance by February 1, 2012, but Meuser’s announcement indicated that businesses will now have until September 1, 2012.

Pennsylvania Clarity Adds Wrinkle to Online Sales Tax

Unlike other states that passed big, contentious sales tax bills targeting online retailers, Pennsylvania took a more subtle but no-less misguided route. On Thursday, Secretary of Revenue Dan Meuser announced that certain online retailers will have until February 1, 2012, to become licensed to collect sales tax. The clarification is targeted at online retailers who […]

What California’s One Year Tax Reprieve Really Means For Affiliates and Amazon

For the first time since June, California affiliates can breathe a sigh of relief. In a move that recognizes the massive pushback against its version of the Amazon tax, California’s legislature passed and Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 155, putting many of the 25,000 affiliates back into business immediately. AB 155 repeals the law (ABX 1 […]

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Cashing Out: Week of September 4th – 10th 2011 in Online Marketing News

Amazon given temporary reprieve from California affiliate tax ReveNews reported last week on Amazon’s negotiations with California legislators regarding the state’s affiliate nexus tax law. Now, as the Los Angeles Times reported September 8, state law-makers and Amazon have reached an agreement that could give Amazon and other online retailers a one-year reprieve from collecting […]

Cashing Out: Week of August 28th – September 3rd 2011 in Online Marketing News

DOJ: AT&T T-mobile merger would raise prices, reduce quality In the game of mergers and acquisitions, sometimes hammering out the terms of a deal is only half the battle. The proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, worth $39 billion, was announced back in March, but the merger was still subject to regulatory approval. Now, with […]

Congress Looking At Balancing The Online Scales With Main Street Fairness

It may pale in comparison to the titanic Congressional struggle over the debt ceiling, but the ongoing nexus tax battle between states and Internet retailers like Amazon is receiving national attention. With separate federal tax bills slated for introduction in both the House and the Senate, the tit-for-tat war between online retailers and state tax […]

Commission Junction Responds To California’s New Nexus Law

Commission Junction responded today on the heels of California passage the Affiliate Nexus Tax. Kerri Pollard, President of Commission Junction, one of the world’s largest and highest regarded affiliate networks provided the following statement which was provided to us by Ashley DeVan, Director of Marketing for Commission Junction. In the statement Kerri expresses her disappointment […]

Performance Marketing Association Picks Up Nexus Gauntlet

Tired of waiting for states to do the right thing, today the Performance Marketing Association (PMA) filed suit in United States District Court challenging the constitutionality of the recently enacted Illinois’ law outlined in House Bill 3659. ReveNews Managing Editor Angel Djambazov had the opportunity to speak with Rebecca Madigan, PMA’s Executive Director this morning […]