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Need YouTube Views? 7 Things You Need to Do

It’s estimated that video will account for up to 74 percent of all online traffic in 2017.  That means if you aren’t using some kind of video marketing strategy, you’ll be missing the potential of nearly three-quarters of all online visitors. Of course, merely creating videos isn’t enough to guarantee success. If you want your video […]

Three Guidelines for Effective Video Marketing

At this point, no one needs to be convinced of the power of video used within marketing. Video is eagerly consumed by all types of consumers and is an ideal way to transmit ideas that are difficult to convey with words alone. But not all videos are created equally, and the mere act of producing […]

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I Have to PAY for This?!? The Online Myth of ‘Free’


Back in the mid-90s, as I remember it; the Internet was mostly fan-made music sites, Yahoo! was the best search engine, and only the larger retailers had a web presence. Back then, it felt like everything at your fingertips was there for free – as long as you paid your ISP every month. This was […]

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Build a YouTube Channel from the Ground Up

YouTube is quickly becoming the go to choice of marketers as the popularity of the social platform itself not only explodes, but the ability of marketers to bring dollars into companies also increases. Running right at YouTube and uploading a few videos can get you some views, but there is a much better way. It’s […]