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Don’t Discredit the Power of Word of Mouth

The digital era is responsible for the spread of information at a near incomprehensible pace. Marketers don’t have to rely on cold calls and door to door visits anymore – they can make a company money with a computer and an Internet connection. However, we shouldn’t divorce ourselves from the value of word of mouth […]

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The Worst Marketing Campaigns of 2013: Why They Failed

With so many advertisers competing for our attention across so many platforms, it’s little surprise that in the race to stand out, a few brands will go over the edge of edginess into the uncharted regions of alienation and even offensiveness. Here’s a look at four marketing campaigns who launched Titanic-level disasters throughout 2013:

YouTube Stops Flirting and Gets Serious with Big Brands

YouTube Logo

When I wrote about the increasing commercialization of YouTube last May, it was before the Google subsidiary made a big hire. Lucas Watson, appointed the first VP of online video global sales for YouTube, is no lightweight. He comes to YouTube from his former position as head of digital business strategy for Procter & Gamble, […]

YouTube’s Latest Move Signals Increased Commercialization

Increasingly, the YouTube you once knew is being transformed from a video repository into a commercial enterprise. It was inevitable, of course. YouTube’s latest move is only the latest example of the way in which the Google site is desperately seeking novel ways to increase its revenue. YouTube already has ads that run at the […]

The Business Side of YouTube

As the digital landscape increasingly shifts to social media, businesses are wrestling with ways to use it most effectively. Similarly, social media outlets are rapidly moving from informal consumer venues to more commercialized arenas that serve the needs of business. It’s no surprise that YouTube, a Google property, is following suit. YouTube’s statistics are absolutely […]

Google Picks More Gaming Gold From Facebook’s Pockets

Jambool, creator of Social Gold and former provider of virtual currency for Facebook games and web apps, was sold to Google for a reported $70 million. This follows the trend of game and social app providers LabPixies and Slide we covered here. In a post about the Slide acquisition, I discussed how Facebook, which originally […]

Google Buys Slide, Puts On Social Warpaint

In my article about RockYou, a comment from a ReveNews author led to a discussion of Slide likely facing similar market pressures as RockYou. Both RockYou and Slide were darlings of MySpace and expanded to Facebook as it became a more dominant platform. Early on, both RockYou and Slide did well, using all the smarts […]

@earlybird – Can You Tweet Me A Sweet Deal?

Back in 2008, InternetNews reported that Twitter helped Dell generate $1 million in revenue via spontaneous limited offers announced via tweets, and people thought that Twitter had fallen into a business model. Then in April of this year Twitter’s “promoted tweets“, where sponsored messages could be inserted into Twitter streams, was revealed as at least […]

Case Study: Email Is Social Media

Integrate email and social media?  Nonsense.  Email is social media.  And once you realize this — and focus on traditional direct response tactics — you’ll be glad you didn’t pay the consultants for their social media blather.  You’ll be too busy counting sales.

The Power Of Social Media Networks In Adware Distribution

Security companies have been talking about social engineering in the distribution of adware, malware and spyware for years now. In the early days of social engineering discussions, the mechanism for tricking end users into installing potentially unwanted software focused on such avenues as IRC and IM services. Basically, the end user is lulled into a […]