2005 Awards for the Bests in the Branch — Watch and Learn!

We are close to the end of 2005. And what a year for the online community! Now it’s the perfect time either to make predictions for 2006 or either to reward the companies with the best results over the all year.

Today I will focus over the awards…

I will start first with an event which take places in September. And I’m talking about MIXX Conference and Expo.

MIXX Awards, dedicated to celebrating and rewarding excellence in interactive advertising campaigns, is the only awards show that judges all facets of a marketing campaign including creative development and execution, ROI, media placement and integration.

The coveted MIXX Awards are judged by an independent panel of highly acclaimed brand marketers who have direct control and influence over some of the largest advertising budgets in the industry.

Here are some MIXX Award winners:

Best in Show: McKinney for Audi of America, “Art of the H3ist

Brand Awareness & Positioning: OgilvyOne for IBM, “U.S. Open On Demand

Direct Response: Modem Media for Kraft Foods, “Kraftfoods.com

Super Rich Media: Agency.com for Dulux, “Dulux: Colour Chemistry

Mobile Platforms: R/GA for Yahoo!, “Yahoo! Autos Interactive Race Game

Word of Mouth, Viral & Peer-to-Peer: AKQA for Xbox, “Halo 2 Viral Campaign

Business-to-Business: OgilvyOne for “IBM Middleware is Everywhere Industries Campaign

Public Service & Not-For-Profit: Agency.com for National Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), “Someone to Turn to Campaign

Search Marketing: GM Planworks for General Motors, “GM Fastlane Blog Search Plan”

MIXX Achievement Awards: The IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau also announced the first MIXX Impact Awards, celebrating the individuals and companies who have contributed significantly to the growth of the Interactive advertising Industry. The recipients were nominated by the IAB board of directors and voted for by the IAB member companies.

Agency Impact Award: Adam Gerber, former, SVP, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Mediavest Worldwide

Marketer Impact Award: Johnson & Johnson

Publisher Impact Award: Wenda Harris Millard, Chief Sales Officer, Yahoo!

The other big event was the 9th Annual ad:tech Awards, presented in New York City, on November 7, 2005. The awards recognize the best in interactive marketing, where creative ideas intersect with measured efficacy to create high-tech, high-touch marketing — from banner ads to web sites to full campaigns. The winners are both large and small companies; promote a broad range of industries; target various audiences and employ different technologies and means of communication.

Here’s some of the 9th Annual ad:tech Awards winners:

Best Banner Advertisement: MLB 2K5, Kadium

Best Large Format Ad: Lipton-Antioxidant Defender, Real Branding

Best Use of Rich Media: Best Pop up Interstitial Coca-Cola Make It Real, Juxt Interactive

Best Overlay Ad: Robots-Conquest Ad, Organic Inc.

Best Business-to-Business Campaign: Help Desk Campaign, OgilvyOne

Best Branding Campaign: Nike Genealogy of Speed, AKQA

Best Audience Building Campaign: http://www.KraftFoods.com, Modem Media

Best Direct Response Campaign: Subaru B9 Tribeca, R/GA

Best Email Marketing Campaign: Vail Resorts Big Snow, Quris, Inc.

Best Viral Marketing Campaign: Halo 2, AKQA

Best Affiliate Marketing Campaign: Sears.com, Performics Inc.

Best Use of Interactive Marketing Technology: ClickPath, Who’s Calling

Best Campaign Optimization: PETCO Landing Page, PETCO & Offermatica

Best Search Marketing Strategy/Campaign: PONTIAC G6 & Oprah, GM Planworks

Best Consumer Web Site: Target Design for All, R/GA

Best Business-to-Business Web Site: Avaya, R/GA

OK, that’s it for the moment, more awards still to come. Keep in touch!

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