Increase Your Ad Revenue By 20-90 Percent

… free of charge and by only spending a few minutes of your time

Today’s announcements at TechCrunch 40 include the global beta release of a new service for publishers called PubMatic. It is open to publishers regardless of geographical location or size and best of all free while it is in beta status. The URL to the signup form is:

Update Sep.20, 2007: Here is the link to the PubMatic press release that covers the details of the public beta launch.

What is PubMatic? It is a service that automatically optimizes the performance of the contextual or banner Ads on your site for you.

The typical scenario today is that you as a publisher of a website reserve some section of your site/page for monetization by putting up some ads. You might use it to display Google AdSense contextual ads, banners from a display-advertising network such as ValueClick or affiliate programs.

Not everything performs equally well. Performance is depending on a gazillion of factors. Some are known to help with the performance in general while others have different impact, depending on the site and all the other factors.

Classic Method Of Improving Ad Performance
The only way to know for sure in case of your site, is to do testing, a lot of testing. Split testing and other methods take time and resources and a number of publishers do not spend this time and leave money on the table. Testing different layouts might be easy to accomplish without spending too much time, but testing in parallel also different Ad providers is a completely different story. Yes, different Ad providers can perform differently on your website. This does not mean that there is a good or bad network, but that one network might be working better for you than another. The opposite could be true for another publisher.

If you use PubMatic, then you do not have to leave money on the table. You do not have to spend too much time on testing different providers and Ads either. PubMatic is doing the painstaking work of testing different ads, measuring the results and optimizing it further for you.

Account Creation Process
I just created an account for myself a few days ago and played around with the interface. I did not use the service long enough to make any statements about the actual performance, but PubMatic claims that their current approx. 400 publishers who are selling millions of ad impressions daily are realizing revenue increases of 20% to 90% using this service. That does not sound bad at all.

The signup process at the website is straightforward and simple, which makes it even better. After entering basic information like email, password, address and website, you do have to specify which Ad providers you want to use and test on your website. PubMatic is not an advertising network. PubMatic will not send you any earnings via check. You have and keep the relationship with each ad provider directly and paid by the provider as you did before.

The Ad Tags Setup Process
PubMatic currently supports five different ad providers: Google AdSense (Text and Image Ads), Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) (Text and Image Ads), ValueClick (Image Ads only), Komli (Image Ads only) and Blue Lithium (Image Ads only). You decide if you want to use any, a few or all of the providers. If you do not have an account with any of the providers, a link to the signup form to fill out is available and in case of Komli even done via a click of a button for you by PubMatic.

If you have an account at a network already, just provide your username and password to for that network to PubMatic (secure online form) that PubMatic will be able to do its job.

Available ad formats depend on the formats that are available from your selected networks, but pretty much any of them supports the standard ad sizes. Common sizes are: 728 x 90 Leader board, 468 x 60 Banner, 234 x 60 Half Banner, 120 x 600 Skyscraper, 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper, 120 x 240 Vertical Banner, 336 x 280 Large Rectangle, 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle, 250 x 250 Square, 180 x 150 Small Rectangle and 125 x 125 Button.

Help buttons that show a little context help if hovered over them are available everywhere. What I miss though is a screen where you can see sample of each of the ad unit sizes. This might be useless for advertising veterans, but is very helpful for a newbie who just got a site up where they want to put advertising on.

PubMatic also asks for the location on the page where you plan to show the ad (Top of Page, Bottom of Page, Middle of Page, Left of Page or Right of Page)

Countless tests and experience have shown that the location where the ad is being displayed has impact on an ads performance. For example, ads displayed closer to the top of the page usually perform better than the ones shown towards the bottom of the same page; because not every user does even look at the end of the pages, he visits. If you do not know yet, no problem, select “Not Sure” as option in this case, but I suggest updating it in the future when you know it.

Automatic Color Optimization
PubMatic offers for text-ads to have them pick and optimize the colors used for the ad automatically, but you have the choice to specify specifically, which colors you want to use.

If you decide for the automated color selection, you can you specify in the advanced options if you want the ad to blend into the current page or stick out. I picked automatically optimize and blend in and the result has room for improvements IMO. Okay, I have to admit that my site design is a bit “tricky”.

Give the ad a name and grab the few lines of JavaScript code to use on your site, just as if you use Google AdSense for example. You can create as many of those ads, as you like and change settings of each of them later.

What I like is the option to edit existing tags (equivalent to Google AdSense “Channels” is probably the best comparison for those tags). This can be a pain in Google AdSense, which does not save the configuration of a newly created ad; you have to start from scratch even, if it is just a small change, you want to make later.

Advanced Options
Another advanced setting that caught my eye is the eCPM comparison option with your current Google AdSense ad without using PubMatic. It is a sign of confidence that PubMatic will increase the eCPM for you. eCPM stands for “effective CPM” and if you do not know what that means check out the explanation at the Google AdSense help site for it.

I little bummer is the fact that the PubMatic ad code is not working instantly. It says that it can take up to 90 minutes for a new ad and 60 minutes for a change to the ad to become effective. It took in reality only a few minutes after I created my first “tag” or ad, but it was getting closer to the mentioned one hour when I changed the “automatic color selection” to manual. I hope they will improve on that.

Well, after you added the provided code to the site and it became live, there is not much else for you to do than sit back, wait what happens and let PubMatic do its job.

The dashboard of your PubMatic account will provide you with a general overview of what is happening. There are also a number of reports available to see how you are doing. A custom report creator module is currently under development. I am curious what customization options will come with that. I hope that one option will be the automatic delivery of a report to a specified email address, much like the feature available to AdWords advertisers.

They say that more ad providers will become available as option for the service over time, although the existing five cover a large chunk of the market already. It is looking good so far and it is certainly worthwhile to try PubMatic.

A 20% to 90% increase in performance and revenue from the same ad inventory without spending any money and virtually no time is something I always appreciate and welcome.

Personal Note
I know, it has been a while since my last post. I was very busy for a number of expected and unexpected reasons. I continue to be as busy as I am now for a while longer, but I will try to post as often as I can. I do not want to post just for the purpose of posting though hehe.


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  1. Indeed, that will be interesting to know. I would imagine a mixed pricing model starting with a low base fee and then charge on top of that a fee depending on volume and performance. They might even drop any base fee altogether and just go the volume and performance route.

    That would be the best, because it is a no risk for the publisher and win win situation if they do what they say they do, increase the bottom line by increasing the eCPM.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what PubMatic charge once they come out of beta phase.

    Certainly of interest to not only myself but potential clients who may be looking to make money out of their websites.