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Why Printable Coupons Should Be A Part Of Every Small Business Strategy

Do you use cut coupons regularly?

I bet some of you do.

For over a hundred years, companies have used coupons in their marketing efforts because it works.  While there may be different spins on the promotions, essentially the principle has remained the same – a piece of paper that can be exchanged for discounts and/or goods.

However, as most of our information today comes to us via handhelds and as libraries have been replaced by a small search box, coupon promotions need to also change to adapt to the digital age.

Meet your customers in the place they like to be.

One of the four basic P’s of marketing includes “place” (Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time).

As a business, you need to meet your customers at the place that they like to spend their time in. Ironically in today’s age the place where customers are is intangible in nature. The Internet is where most of your customers are spending their time and that is exactly where you need to catch them.

If you think about it, you are reading this blog instead of a magazine now, aren’t you?

While social media and blogs are the elite platforms for discussions and dispersal of information, coupon sites offer shoppers distinct advantages over traditional mediums, such as:

  • access to coupons anywhere and anytime.
  • the ability to save time by finding the deals that suit you, rather than sorting out from a mess that you don’t need.
  • updated content, so expired coupons are less of an issue.
  • the ability to print only the coupons you need, making it more cost effective and environmentally friendlier.

Looking from the business owners/marketers end, the various advantages are:

  • highly cost effective as printing and paper costs are reduced.
  • high penetration and visibility with the high traffic that coupon sites get.
  • the distribution channel is set and standard hence there is not much requirement for it to be monitored.
  • Co-Opportunities like promotion of business website and social pages.
  • a platform for healthy interaction and feedback.
  • trackable statistics offering the ability to optimize the performance of the coupons.

We took the annual coupon report by Inmar and were not surprised by the results that were derived by applying statistical techniques. The printable coupons showed a stable increase in the redemption rate, notching the results up to 7% in 2015.

Article - Why Printable Coupons Should Be A Part Of Every Small Business Strategy

These are just a few methods that both the end user and business owners can gain advantage with online printable coupons. Implementing QR codes is a technique that is again gaining popularity in the market but is yet reach maturity in terms of usage and acceptance.

How to get it done?

There are many advertising agencies out there that either run popular printable coupon sites or have the connections to get coupons published on them. Websites like, and are extremely easy to use, are far more cost effective, have a deeper penetration and are more environmentally-friendly than printing and distributing inserts.

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