7 Ways to Get a Better Idea of What Your Customer Wants

Customer feedback is an essential element of any business’ progression, and for the corporation who pays little attention to what can be ever changing customer opinion there can be a slippery slope to failure that awaits ahead.

Finding out what your customer wants needn’t be an overly tricky or expensive task, however.

Here are seven ways in which you can quickly, easily and affordably listen to your customer.

  1. Streamline customer feedback channels

Customer feedback channels can come in many forms. However the most accessible is via lines of communication that are already open to you. These forms could range from a feedback card included within a delivery package to a spoken survey at the end of each customer phone call.

You do, however, need to incentivise your customers to provide feedback as response rates may suffer. Types of incentives can range from an entry into a free prize draw to a discount on their next purchase.

  1. Gathering customer opinion: Think about what it is that you need to know

Prior to implementing feedback channels, you need to consider what it is that you want to know and how best you can gather this information. Think long and hard about the questions that you’ll ask and focus upon them being as open as possible.

  1. Getting personal

One of the most effective ways of gaining candid customer feedback is by way of one to one, personalised contact (this could be via either email or a phone call).  While this may not be practical for gaining customer opinions, it may provide valuable information in the case of customer complaints and may help repair any company/customer relationship damage.

  1. Market research – For your current customer base

Market research of your current customer base can be undertaken either by a professional market research company or through simpler methods such as online questionnaires.

  1. Market research – For the wider target customer base

Market research from a broader potential customer base can be done through a staggering array of mediums. From consumer data websites to market trend analysis tools and on to specialist companies who can undertake online surveys for any form of market – QuestBack is a good option.

  1. Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis should range from tracking your social media strategy and the response that it receives, right through to the analysis of your target market’s trending topics. Thankfully this latter task is made easy through websites such as SocialMention.

  1. On-site Analysis

Analyzing the performance of your website isn’t merely a way of improving your online presence. Tools such as Google Analytics provide a staggering amount of data about your customers and potential customers and their thoughts about your online proposition.

As an example, if your FAQ page is suffering from short visit times or if your home page is experiencing high bounce rates, you could surmise that the customer isn’t locating what they want, when they want it.

By taking these tips on board, you stand a far better chance of improving your customer satisfaction and doing so build the blocks for a better business.

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