Domain Name ROI – 19,722% Return!

Back in May of 2007, I bought quite a bit of domain names that were expiring through the snapnames auction process. You may remember my post about our bidding that got out of control. I wanted to tell you about another domain I acquired back then, When I saw available, I thought it would make a great site for a directory of NY SEO firms, and that any one of the many NY SEO companies would want to acquire the name at some point in time, so I acquired the name for $9.00.

Today through Sedo’s domain name buyer’s service, I got an offer for $2,000 for the domain, and have selected to allow the name go to auction at that price or higher to see if there might be any other buyers out there.

Sedo offers a great parking service, where I parked the name. The domain received 404 visitors, and I earned a total of $4.12 in PPC revenue. So assuming I don’t get any more bidders, and taking into account SEDO’s 10% selling fees, and 1 years renewal fee, I stand make a total net profit of $1,784. That’s a whopping 19,722% return on my $9 investment. Not to shabby.

If you haven’t checked out SedoPro’s domain parking service, shoot me an email or leave me a comment on this post and I will get you an endorsement code.

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3 Responses to Domain Name ROI – 19,722% Return!

  1. Adam Viener says:

    Did you see this one on Sedo? is up for auction, domain and site, and has a $70,000 bid already…

  2. Greg Nelson says:


    Nice sale. In your ROI you forgot to add in the value of your time as as well as the blended holding cost of your portfolio.

    I agree though, nice name on the drop and will be fun to watch go through sedo.

    We have been able to flip about 20 of our drop pickups in the past year for similar or a bit higher returns, but most are for future usage. Sure is a fun biz though.

  3. I cannot believe that anyone would pay $70,000 for the domain,

    Sorry, something is very fishy there.