10 Tips for Better Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment is a part and parcel of all ecommerce; however the way you deal with it is what separates a good business from a great business.

By approaching cart abandonment in the right way you can prevent numbers of lost sales and sell more products. In fact, studies have shown that in some instances card abandonment is around 67%, so even making a 10% dent in this can be a big coup for businesses.

One of the best ways to reduce the overall number of cart abandonments is to send a cart abandonment email. Cart abandonment emails are sent to shoppers who added items to their carts but didn’t checkout.ctr

Cart abandonment emails are a lot more successful than you’d imagine too. In fact, around half of all of these emails are opened according to SaleCycle. That’s a lot.

In addition, around a third of all of these opened emails result in a person making a purchase. How can that be you may ask? Well, people often abandon carts for reasons out of their control and these emails give them the push to buy. So, how do you create great cart abandonment emails?


Different brands and businesses do better when they send abandonment emails immediately after abandonment, while others do better if they wait a few hours to remind shoppers. The only way to know the best timings to send your first email is to test.

Showcase Items

Make sure that the content is dynamic and showcases the articles that they left behind in all their glory. This shows the items as desirable and will see uplift in people purchasing.

Let them Return

Providing a link in the email to allow them to return to the exact point they left the checkout process at. This speeds up the process and makes it a lot more likely they will complete the checkout.

Email Marketing Solution

Though there are a lot of things one should look for in an email marketing solution, quality list management features, campaign management and high deliverability like those offered by Globomailer are a necessity.

Serial Abandonment

Some people abandon carts regularly to try and make the most of discounts and other offers for abandonment. Shopify advise you identify these people and try to bring them back to their basket using other means than monetary ones.


If you have a highly marketable brand then you need to incorporate that into your copy – make it fun to keep your customers interested. You’ve spent a lot of effort making your brand marketable now utilise it.

Vary Copy

Depending on the stage the person leaves the process at; vary the copy to accommodate that. This allows you to address concerns that a person at that stage of the process may have and creates a better chance they will get back on board.


A lot of people abandon carts because the item ends up being more than they expected, often because of postage costs. However, offering them a discount on the item or waiving the postage may change their mind and still allows you to turn a profit.


Ensure that the email is as attractive as it can be. If you know a little HTML or know someone who knows it then incorporate it into your email. The smoother, more attractive and better the email the more likely people are to take the leap.


All of this should provide you with plenty of information on why people abandon your cart and in turn this allows you to make changes accordingly and make your process even smoother.

Following these tips will help lower abandonment rates and ensure your email marketing is a more successful effort.

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