5 Tips for e-Store Owners Starting Twitter Marketing

twitter for ecommerceWhile it is not easy to set up an ecommerce store and make arrangement for buying goods and shipping them to the right customers, a savvy businessman can take care of all that. Sure, it takes time and energy, but it is not that difficult. But, once you have a website ready and functioning, you realize that your earnings and sales depend heavily on the number (and purchasing intent) of people who visit your website. Although everyone knows this, the reality truly hits you only when your website has everything expect valuable visitors.

Thankfully there are many ways in which you can make people aware of the products that you are selling. You can go for old-fashioned print or magazine ads (very useful when targeting a niche audience), you can evolve a powerful digital marketing strategy, you can go for PPC advertisement, and you can drive traffic to your website through affiliate marketing. However, the emerging power of social media makes it mandatory for you to get visitors through Facebook and Twitter too. In this article, we will give tips on how you can use Twitter to drive visitors to your ecommerce website.

Understand Twitter First: Twitter is not like Facebook, and there is a good chance that it will not hook you straightaway. No one talks about it, but Twitter has a steep learning curve. It will take you 2-3 weeks to get a feel for Twitter and realize what works on Twitter and what doesn’t. So, give it time, dabble in tweeting and get a feel for it before you start hawking your goods! Only by using Twitter for a few days will you be able to get acquainted with unspoken rules and its unwritten guidelines.

Use Hub and Spoke Model: This is a popular method that will be very useful to ecommerce store marketers that are already using content marketing. Putting it very simply, you use your website or blog as a hub. The content updates at the hub and is passed on to the spokes – Twitter and social media. This way, you get more people interested in your content, and it also makes good tweets and post available for your Twitter and other social media accounts. Other way round, by placing a widget on your website or blog that showcases your latest Tweets, you can popularize your Twitter account.

Brand Smartly with Your Profile: You need to get a few things right. Your username should show at the first glance what your ecommerce store is about. You can use your own picture to give a personal touch, but for bigger brands, it is a good idea to use a logo. Also, use a powerful and pleasant background image. Work hard to write a bio that is creative and informative at the same time, and do not forget to add your website URL! Most people take a quick look at these elements of the Twitter profile before deciding whether they want to follow you or not, so it is imperative that you get all these things right.

Attract the Right Audience: Many people think that there is a simple mathematics to Twitter. Follow people and they will follow you back. The more followers you have, the more your tweets will be viewed. Don’t think like this and don’t fall into this trap. If you are selling a niche product, marketing it to random people who don’t really care about your tweets is not going to drive valuable traffic to your website. You need to identify the kind of people who would actually be interested in your products and your tweets. It is better to have a hundred interested, tuned-in followers than a thousand people who have nothing to do with your products.

Be a Person, and be a Responsible Tweeter: One big mistake that most businesses make with Twitter is that they fall into the trap of conventional marketing: saying your thing again and again as loud as possible. While this can work in certain situations, it won’t work that well on Twitter. You need to converse with people, offer information, favorite tweets and retweet good tweets related to your niche, and you need to answer the queries from others. This will help you appear as an approachable expert. If you succeed in getting liked by people, there is a good chance that they will read your tweets and hopefully customers visit your ecommerce store.

Bonus Tip!
Ecommerce website owners do not have all the time in the world, and Twitter marketing may seem like a black hole that sucks all your time. But, by scheduling your Twitter activity you can accomplish a lot in ten to fifteen minutes on a daily basis. Also, once your Twitter account attracts followers and starts sending visitors to your website, you must spend at least a few minutes tracking how many visitors your Twitter account is actually sending to your website!

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Kinjal is working as a digital marketer and blogger with 5 years of experience. She is working with ecommerce design & development company – Cygnet Infotech specialize in building business apps and websites. She is always happy to share her passion for ecommerce and mobile technologies. Follow Kinjal on Twitter @adeshara_kinjal or connect with her on Google+

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