How to Integrate Social Media Into Website to Increase Your Sales

Increasing your sales with an e-commerce site doesn’t have to be a complicated task. In fact, with the integration of social media, it is not only completely doable, but you can expect to have some fun along the way as you begin connecting with your audience. Let’s look at how to integrate social media into your website.


Integrating social media feeds on the website


If you are using a platform such as Instagram, you may find that including social media feeds on web pages will help with imagery. Your customers will see products laid out nicely in true Instagram fashion, which adds to the visualization and may very well add to the value that customers place on your product base. Integrating social media feeds on the website is becoming more commonplace as e-commerce site owners and designers are beginning to see the importance of including social media feeds on e-commerce sites.


Use share buttons

Be sure not to miss out on this important opportunity to tap into your online customer base. By adding a simple plugin offered by each of your favorite social media platforms, you add extra value to your e-commerce page. Share buttons work best on landing pages, product pages and blog posts and can integrate very well with your e-commerce site. Have your web designer include a plugin for the platforms you use the most, whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, and give your customers an extra opportunity to connect with you socially and to easily endorse your products with a simple click.


Post product videos

Since people now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube per day, you can’t safely ignore that videos are a major player in the world of website and social media integration. Web designers are becoming more adept at staying up to par with social media and content marketing, as they sometimes pair up with a good digital strategist to help them navigate the world of digital marketing. Web designers can easily embed YouTube video codes within your e-commerce page, especially now that the field of web design has expanded to integrate social media. Take advantage of this platform by creating videos to share your expertise or introduce your products.


Use social sign-in

According to Sprout Social, more than 1.71 billion are using social media. That is quite a lot of people going social! Brands are now beginning to see the value of encouraging would-be buyers to create unique logins that allow them to access pertinent and personal information, such as their purchase history, bank account info, and profile info. This way, the next time a customer logs into her account using the one-click social sign-in, she doesn’t need to hunt for additional passwords and usernames. It’s a smart way to allow customers to easily make purchases on your site. Making the user interface and customer experience streamlined and simple usually results in a happier customer who would like to return to your eCommerce site again.


Include ratings and reviews

One surefire way to increase interaction with your customers and potentially increase your sales is to offer a way for them to leave a review. If your customer loves your product they’ll leave a raving review, which in turn helps to boost your future sales. This is a truly authentic way to build loyalty so that your customers connect even more with your brand. Again, there are plenty of plugins available to allow for rating and review features. Have one set in place on your e-commerce page so that customers can begin using this feature right away.

In summary, integrating social media into your web design is not difficult and is a great way to increase your sales. It’s easy for customers to use and simple for a web designer to install for you. You’ll likely end up with customers who have enjoyed their user experience while your company enjoys a sales growth.

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