Social Media – The Growth Catalyst for eCommerce Sites

Is your ecommerce site leveraging the benefits of the social media age? If yes, congratulations, if not, then why isn’t it doing so? Social media is acting as a growth trigger for plenty of online businesses out there and there is no reason why its potential cannot be tapped into, to improve the profitability of your site. In fact, it will be a crime not to use social media to push the growth of your ecommerce site. You will be losing out on a sizable audience if you do not have social media marketing campaigns in place to promote your ecommerce site.

Let’s take a closer look at how social media can be used to grow your ecommerce business.

Social Sharing Takes your Products to a Wider Audience

AudienceAll you need to do is place social sharing buttons on the product pages of your ecommerce site, and see them going viral. Online shoppers love sharing information about the products they are thinking of buying or bought with their social network. If they like a product on your site, they will click on the social sharing button which will ensure your product will now be on the radar of other potential shoppers. And this happens without your trying very hard!

Social Media helps you Open Dialogue


An ecommerce business needs to show its existing and potential customers that it cares about their needs. A presence on social media allows you to do just that. A Facebook page or a Twitter profile will help you open one-on-one channels of communication with your customers. You can get direct feedback from your network by asking them pointed questions about the quality of your products and whether they enjoyed using them. You could also use your presence as a means to offering your follower network product discounts or deals. This will ensure people keep coming to your Facebook page or interact with your ecommerce business’s profile on Twitter to keep track of the discounts on offer.

Social Media Creates Social Proof
Why should I use a particular product offered by a particular ecommerce site? How do I know the product is the real deal and actually offers all the benefits it claims to? How do I know I will be getting the returns on investment? I will only get know for sure, if I get proof. If an ecommerce site is social media friendly I will get all the social proof I need to know whether the product I plan to buy is the right pick for me or not.

By offering product reviews, ratings and comments on a product page, you can create social proof for that product. You can also show how many times the product was actually shared by visitors to the page.  A shopper can go through the reviews and comments on the product pages to find out whether the product is actually worth his money or not. The more positive the product rating and reviews of the product, the better its social proof!

Credibility and Authority


No modern ecommerce site is complete without a blog these days. Your ecommerce site must have one too. This allows you to create credibility for the site through the informative, useful and actionable posts that you have up on the blog. But this is just the first step in trying to improve the reputation of your ecommerce site. The next step will be to promote your blog posts on social media. Use your business’s Facebook presence to share links to your blog posts. Start a conversation about your posts and the opinions or suggestions presented in it on the comments sections of your blog. This will improve your blog’s popularity and help you build a solid reputation in the niche. This credibility, reputation and authority can be leveraged to improve site traffic and conversions.

Get In touch with Influencers
Influencers are people who help people form an opinion about a particular product or services. These influencers generally have a blog or website through which they express their opinion about a particular products or the latest development in the niche. This opinion is valued by their fans and followers, and therefore it’s necessary to build a relationship with influencers and social media allows you to do that.  You can get in touch with them through Twitter or use their Facebook pages to strike up a conversation.

You must try to get into the good books of influencers; if you’re able to do that it will improve the way people look at your ecommerce site and the products sold on it.

Social Media Helps Create Brand Advocates
Your presence on social media allows you to create a loyal following of customers who overtime can transform into brand advocates. One of the ways you can do this is by rewarding repeat customers to your site by creating an offer just for them. This offer can be conveyed directly to them by social media. Keep interacting with them personally and taking feedback from them. Make it a point to implement some of this feedback and make sure they know about this implementation. This will, in turn ensure you have customers who are advocating the use of your ecommerce site; something that will surely bring in more customers.

Gives ecommerce site a personality
An ecommerce site is essentially a business entity; it doesn’t have a personality (not talking about personality in designing terms but real terms) and it is not a living, breathing thing. But social media helps it develop a personality of its own and in many cases its social media presence is a representation of what it could like if the ecommerce site was a real person. This allows it to talk with target customers and engage with them at a far more personal level.

Social media is all about creating the right atmosphere for engaging with shoppers and potential shoppers. It’s about having a dialogue with them and persuading, as well as, convincing them to use your ecommerce site.

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