A Look At Crowdopolis: Steve Paljieg of Kimberly-Clark on Community

During the last few years, crowdsourcing has gained both its proponents and its critics. To weed out the good from the bad, the folks at DailyCrowdsource.com are hosting their one-day event, Crowdopolis, on July 19, 2012. They were kind enough to connect ReveNews with several speakers from the event. Today’s Q&A comes from Steve Paljieg, a Senior Director, Corporate Growth and Innovation, with the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

1. What was the biggest surprise to come out of your work with the MomInspired program?

The energy, vitality, and camaraderie that emerged from within this group of entrepreneurial women. As a group, they stepped forward to own and enable the success of each and every community member. The most savvy and experienced community members readily stepped forward to help the less capable with knowledge, advice, and connections. So while we at Kimberly-Clark initiated the community, it was the community’s members that took it to a whole other level.

2. How did supporting innovation amongst its customers become an objective of Kimberly-Clark?

Consumers have always been at the center of our innovation and brand building efforts. If you’re not solving meaningful problems in meaningful ways, you can’t build successful consumer brands. The Huggies MomInspired program takes this concept to a whole new level by enabling those moms who are solving meaningful problems to take their meaningful solutions to other moms.

3. What do you think is the biggest mistakes a brand can make when it’s trying to build and support a community?

Trying to be too directive. Setting up a community is about developing and enabling the right creative environment and not about directing and managing the specific activities within it.

4. Why should someone attend Crowdopolis?

The fundamental truth is that there are A LOT of smart people living and creating outside the walls of your enterprise. If you can’t connect and create with that external “inno-system” you will be seriously undermining the quality of ideas you consider and innovations you create. Crowdopolis can show you how to do this through the skills and experiences of those who have done it.

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