10 Tips for Awesome Email Automation

Due to falling Facebook reach and the fact SEO is increasingly risky – it’s no surprise that email marketing is set to have a very strong 2015.

To take full advantage of email marketing you have a plan. This requires you to tailor your approach and for example avoid the traditional faux pas of sending random mass emails at any time you feel. Great email marketing is tailored, customised and automated. So, here are some tips on how to get more from your email marketing automation.E-mail


Sending emails to uncategorised recipients often means your message is far too broad and also results in your message not being relevant to that many people. However, altering this and sending email to recipients by categories such as interests, location, industry or otherwise provides for greater success.

Of course, to segment you need data. This can be achieved initially at the time of lead generation or through using particular Facebook apps.

Email Personalisation

There is plenty to suggest that using a person’s name in an email will increase the chances of engagement. Our advice is that this is the first thing you need to include as it brings immediate familiarity.

Talk to Them

Write your email language in simple language and in the conversational style. The pronoun ‘you’ is should be used in your content and always sign off with your name. This all deepens the customer relationship and makes you look more friendly and approachable as a business.

Include a Call to Action

The call to action is incredibly important in email marketing and needs to be optimised.

  • Place it above the fold
  • Use short simple words – ‘get’ and ‘order’ are good, as are ‘free’ and ‘more’
  • Use action words
  • Ensure it’s designed in a contrasting colour

The Landing Page

The email will lead to a landing page and by ensuring that there is a smooth and coherent feel and look between email and landing page you create trust and in turn more leads. So, warrant design and copy is complementary as it will make for a smoother sales funnel.

Drip Feed

Ideally, campaigns need to be drip-fed to grow customer relationships. Customer relationships take time and effort to develop and creating great segmented email automation campaigns that are sent arevet time based intervals and that are A/B tested helps improve results.

Triggered Emails and Auto responders

Triggered emails create an increase in sales as they’re nurtured and are sent to already interested people. Following up landing page sign-ups with an automated and personalised email will engage the buyer and increase the CTA and interest in your product.

There are all sorts of ways to add triggered emails. For example, GetResponse’s autoresponder offers action based messages around a myriad of actions including birthdays, completed transactions, as well as opens and clicks.


Testing your emails continuingly ensures they are constantly improving and so are your view rates, opens and CTRs. A/B testing should be performed on subjects, body copy and also the layout of the email message. Split testing provides actionable knowledge on what works best and allows you to refine your message for more sales – this is a good guide by MarketingLand.


Tracking all the different factors of your email marketing campaign will allow you to analyse the success of the mail outs. There are a number of key performance indicators to track, including delivery rate, views, CTR etc.

This will allow you to see when the best time of day to send emails is, opt outs and opt-ins and the best CTAs.


Once you set up a quality email campaign along these lines you can continue to send out segmented, personalised emails and develop your relationship with customers through increased interaction and improved emails.

Following these tips allows you to convert new leads into sales and turn your customers into repeat revenue sources.

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