4 Wise Ways Winners Monetize their Blogs

Monetising your blog allows you to make money from it and thus make it even better than it was before. Needless to say, understanding the best routes to do this will make the process a lot easier and your income a lot larger.

Blog monetisation has changed and altered throughout the years as different channels have come and gone, however many of the main ways still ring true but just need to be applied differently. These tips will help you make the most of what you already have.

Build Your Email List

One excellent way to make cash online is by building an email list.

If you aspire to make some decent cash from blogging, then an email list is the way to go. The money is in the list. If you’re not building an email list, then you’re already losing a lot of money. You should begin building your email list from the first day of your blogging career.

If you don’t know how to get email subscribers, this piece is for you. We shall highlight effective ways of growing your email list. Let’s get started.

Drive more traffic to your blog: Irrespective of how attractive your products are, you’ll not build your email list if you are not driving quality traffic to your blog. The more traffic that comes to your blog, the faster and easier you can build your email list. Use pay-per-click ads, blog comments and guest posts among others to drive more traffic to your landing pages or website.

Give a freebie: Another easy way to quickly grow your email list is to give your visitors something for free. Online readers do not opt-into your sites because you’re building an email list. They want a reason to subscribe to your newsletters. So pinpoint your target audience and craft eBooks or specific reports for them. You can also give podcasts, videos etc. The rule of thumb is to make your freebie worth reading by everyone.

Use a good auto responder: I use and highly recommend GetResponse. If you’re serious about growing your email list, utilize services such as AWeber, GetResponse, Mad Mimi etc. This is because an email list is just like any other business that requires investment. I hope you’re getting the sense in it.

Use landing pages: Generally, blog pages are just a big distraction. If you need more conversions on your lists, use landing pages. Landing pages cause less distraction to your visitors and they often have higher conversion rates. If you need to build a landing page, use tools such as Thrive Landing Pages, OptimizePress etc.

Your call to actions must be effective: Avoid using common words such as “get free updates” and “subscribe” on your blog. Most of your visitors have already had enough of seeing them. Instead, go for effective call to actions such as “download your eBook” or “get your freebie instantly” to easily convince your reader to subscribe to your mailing list. Always be creative when creating your call to actions.

Utilize social media sites

Social media makes for an excellent platform to harvest more email leads. Social media is growing tremendously. If you’re not spending time engaging with social media users, you are already losing many potential visitors. Create a Facebook fan page, increase your activity on twitter and interact with people on G+ to expand your network.

A pro tip for making cash online: before you can utilize any of the above models, always take time to test each of them. Do not try monetizing your blog with every method you come across on the Internet. You will not make even a single penny if you focus on all monetization models.

So what do you think about monetizing your website or blog in 2017 and beyond? What are some of the tested methods that helped you earn income online? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our comments section. This alongside others, can be a great way to optimize revenue on your blog.


You can start your blog, build an audience then change your plans and sell everything. In fact, there are people who buy blogs that are almost dead or greatly underutilized by their owners. They will then bring in their marketing skills, build SEO backlinks, build an excellent readership then turn around and sell it at a massive profit. It can surely work.

If you intend to do this and add great value to the whole process, you should consider focusing on the possibility of buying a blog with high traffic yet the owner barely has time for it. They are likely to have some guilt for not maintaining their site. They probably have never had the idea that they would sell their blog and make money out of it. So, you can approach the owner, offer to buy their blog and promise to run it and provide lots of value to the online community. From their perspective, it can be a done deal for you. You then put in your effort, build the blog into an effective marketing platform then in turn sell it to someone else. You are not only providing more value by enhancing something people like but also profiting in the process.

What I would not recommend is just establishing a new site, stuffing it with a few things then attempting to sell it as a site with a great potential. I have witnesses this crap numerous times. The site has virtually no traffic and only a naive newbie would purchase such a site from you. Installing WordPress on your domain doesn’t add any value.

Services and Courses

If you are already teaching your visitors through your blog, why don’t you design an exclusive learning opportunity by coming up with a paid online course? A popular way to sell such programs is setting up a 6-week program through your automated mail messages or giving the whole package so that the students can learn at their own pace. Some examples of online courses are:

  • The Audience Business Masterclass (Firepole Marketing)
  • Article Writing Masterclass developed by Linda Formichelli and Carol Tice
  • Social Media Training for Serious Marketers (developed by Market Motive)

So how much can you earn by selling eCourse memberships? In most cases, this depends on the price it is going for and the number of people willing to buy the course.

Kajabi is a platform that allows you to market and sell your online courses, which you can also use to setup a course membership system. For instance, many bloggers are also part-time freelancers who get paid to write blog posts for other people. Some other common services are private coaching and speaking engagements. Depending on your area, you can delve into the specifics. A wedding blogger, for example, may offer wedding photography services.

Speaking Gigs

If you become famous as an expert in a specific area, you can turn it into speaking gigs which earn you some income. The main purpose of your blog it to help you position yourself as a gifted and expert communicator, and then target your target customers will be event organizers.

This isn’t an option for everyone since most of us are not great orators and probably feel uncomfortable speaking publicly. That said, it’s evident that speaking can be potentially lucrative and is an option you should consider.

The trick is to know who your real customers are. In the case of public speaking, your customer is probably the event organizer. That individual needs to have solid content for their event and they want to listen to your speech all along. For an event organizer, a good speaker is one who’s not only a good orator but also one who helps fill the conference hall. Therefore, you should start spending time selling your brand online, growing your distribution assets such as your email list, blog and social channels. You can even have a book in your name. Moreover, you must have a page on your site that sells you as an orator. Show your hidden speaking potential in other events in addition to testimonials from event organizers. You are the product there so you need to sell yourself perfectly.

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