Guest Blogging – A Boon to The SEO Fraternity

When it comes to Guest Blogging, many people believe they know everything about the strategy. However, there are certain things overlooked by most bloggers while trying to get back links through guest blogging. With the upcoming Penguin 2.0 updates, there is a need to strategize some fool proof techniques for the long run.

  • Is Guest Blogging Indeed A Blessing In Disguise?

Since guest blogging can help increase awareness, promote brands on a larger platform, and obtain potential back links; I believe it is a blessing. However, it is not only for the purpose of getting links that we do it. Guest Blogging is being taken for granted, and the content is simply prepared for the sake of inserting links. So, what makes one an expert Guest Blogger? 

  • Content is the King, and the Kingdom Is Guest Blogging!

Guest Blogging is the Kingdom, which is run by a King – The Content. Just like a king endeavors to spread his kingdom by extending the reach to other places, your content will decide the reach of your Guest Blog through search engines. Your content has to be exceptional, which outsmarts the laws of writing, and the outcome should be such that it leaves the audience enchanted. It is not an overnight process. However, keep on practicing, and you will master the art one day. Heavily shared content is interesting, relevant, and professionally written.

  • Will Penguin 2.0 Invade the Kingdom of Guest Blogging?

Of late, Guest Blogging has become a public figure and more people are becoming subject to numerous requests for accepting Guest Posts.

Is this popularity limited only to a certain period until Penguin 2.0 turns up something that will disrupt the kingdom?  Not exactly, if you stick to the basics and follow some of these strategies guest blogging should continue to thrive.

The Little Soldiers Who Will Save The Kingdom of Guest Blogging:

Meet Your Family: Do a little research and find blogs in your niche, which serves the purpose of distributing your blogs only to your relevant targets. Imagine how an alien would feel when it arrives on earth. Similarly, your content will seem lost if it is not published on the right blogs.

Do not be antisocial:  It is possible that search engines’ focus would shift from your social count. Why? Because, search engines have become smart enough to realize that the counts are spoofed and that you are cheating with the system. Find real people who have an influential network and could help you in promoting your posts throughout their own network.

Think about others: Guest posting is not only about building links. It is also about how you connect with the audience. You will write on someone else’s post and interact with their audience. It is like you have to take care of your own reputation and also of the person on whose blog you will write. When you look up at the most successful blogs, you will find one thing in common, the content is par excellence. Let us suppose that you have gone to your friend’s place, and the friend has some guests at home. Is one not going to behave in a well-mannered way with the guests? The same applies for guest blogging where you are dealing with the audience of other people.

Let us see how good a writer you are: Yes, that is right. Search engines dare you to be a good author, so that whenever you write a content of high quality standards, it is tracked and set up an Author Rank for you so that the subsequent article from you is preferred in the rankings. So, what makes you eligible to get a good Author Rank? Be choosier about the articles that you push for distribution. Get tips from a number of sites like CopyBlogger to write that just perfect content. Pushing low quality content continuously will result into the devaluation of the links and not only your Author Rank, but also your site gets a bad image.

Do not prefer the shortcut: I believe that the prevalence of Author Bio is numbered. Also if you have a number of anchor text links, it would seem that the content intends SEO. It would also look like spamming. You need to display a more altruistic approach showing that you are in fact willing to share some information for the wellness of others. Do not resort to the short cuts of link building. Instead, try to make your content more interesting by inserting some Infographics, videos or any other interactive content that links back to your site. Interactive contents along with your blogs propel people to share your content more heavily.

Too many cooks will spoil the recipe: Linking back to a certain extent is fine, but if you overdo it, your online image may get spoilt. There are many high authority web-sites that don’t link back to your site. Of course, link-building is the primary factor. At the same time, we also need some authoritative sites to get the desired recognition. The number of sites that link and do not link back to you should be well-balanced.

After this, I hope to see more Guest Bloggers setting up an example with their extraordinary posts, which will truly have great content. No more of all those dreadful ways of spamming links into the posts. I hope you all find it helpful in your future endeavors of creating exemplary posts one after the other.

I will be back with some more ways in which you could develop newer ways to get more traffic with the help of great content.

Happy Ruling Until Than!

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  1. Very nice post. I think you could essentially refer to your list as the “Golden Rules of Guest Blogging.” It’s amazing how simple it can be, but how easily it can be taken advantage of as well.

  2. Abhiram Pathak says:

    I just started by guest posts for this year and you really have to engage with that blog’s readers. You have such a window of opportunity to create new readers for yourself and open up the communication to gain more exposure. The more you look out for the blog author, the more you will be trusted to post anywhere. Guest post can be a great way to gain exposure and quality back links.

  3. Spook SEO says:

    I really loved the way you constructed this article. Stating not just
    the things to do but also the things not to do is just the best way to do
    it. You can completely take away traffic
    if you are completely distracting your visitors on other websites. Also, do not
    make it look like just a preview to your other blog entries.