SEO is Good, SEO + PPC is Better

It is undeniably true that having strong SEO is a good thing. Having a powerful search engine presence helps keep you visible. It also gives your business the marketing advantage to magically appear before your customers’ eyes when they are searching for you, or your product, online.

Sounds like the perfect way to market your website online, right? Not quite.

Although SEO should always be a part of your online marketing plan, it does have some setbacks. Luckily, these setbacks are easily avoidable when you compliment your SEO with Paid Advertising, or a PPC campaign.

Here a few big reasons why you simply must take advantage of paid advertising…

SEO PPC Infographic

PPC Attracts More Buyers—It has been found that 50% of people clicking though to retailers sites from paid ads are more likely to buy than those who clicked through organically.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather more buyers over just plain traffic, any day.

SEO Takes Time— Ranking on the first page of search engines doesn’t happen over night. Depending on the key terms you are gearing after, it could take weeks, months, or even longer to appear on that golden first page of search engine results. Some of the more competitive terms can be next to impossible to ever rank for.

What’s that old saying? Location, Location, Location? If you can’t be seen, no one can find you. If no one can find you, your sales will be looking quite slim.

Paid advertising gives your business the chance to get in front of your customer now. As soon as your campaign has been approved you will begin appearing in search results. From here you can start split testing what works for your paid ads and what doesn’t, such as different copy, colours, or keywords. Let’s face it: faster is better.

Get to the Top and Stay at the Top—Great. You landed yourself a stellar placement within search engine ranks. However, your work is far from over.

Far more resources are required to not only gain, but maintain your search engine placement, than with a PPC campaign. Not only do you have to consistently perform keyword research in order to develop LOTS of relevant content, and backlink to other sites, and share with your networks, and so on, and so on… But on top of all this: search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, making staying on top of search engine ranks a never ending task.

PPC is much more manageable than this. To maintain your placement, you simply have to keep your campaign running. As long as your campaign is receiving bidding power, has a high quality score, and is using the right keywords, the PPC engine won’t stop.

Although there is no question about the necessity of ensuring your site follows at least a basic SEO structure, PPC helps to reach your customers on a different level. It allows you to reach your customers today; rather then when you finally get your ranking together. As well, it helps you to maintain an on going search presence, even when climbing to the top of the organic searches is out of reach.

Whether your putting in all the man-hours and surfacing organically, or you are taking advantage of PPC, just make sure your customers can find you online.

About Danielle Forget

Danielle Forget is a Communications graduate with a true passion for online media. Currently she holds the title of Marketing Coordinator for WhatRunsWhere. Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn or Twitter and be sure to follow WhatRunsWhere for future posts.

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