4 Social Media Tools for the Enterprise Level

So, once you decide which social media channel is right for you business, you have to find a way to measure the success of whatever it is you did with all those social media.

Well, just as social media can be used in all kinds of different ways, there are different tools out there to help you evaluate your social media efforts from different perspectives. Here’s an overview of the four most promising tools that I’ve used or demo’d in recent months.

Radian6 for Social Media Monitoring

Of all these tools, Radian6 offers the most extensive social media reporting, but that’s because this is all the tool does. The data can also be tailored for a variety of settings, including customer service, marketing, sales, and management.

With Radian6, users set-up monitoring campaigns according to branded or general keywords. This creates a “river of news” that includes every Tweet, blog post, or other social mention of those keywords. Users can then use a variety of parameters to package that data and export it around their needs.

Radian6 pricing varies according to the number of campaigns you’re monitoring and the volume of activity on those keywords. However, users can also set up any campaign for free for seven days to determine if its worth monitoring and how much it would cost to monitor it.

Update: Lauren Vargas from Radian6 left this comment elaborating on the platform’s features.

PostRank for Social Engagement

PostRank offers several services. The company is best known for offering an alternative a complement to Google’s PageRank by measuring off-site engagement. Essentially, PostRank helps publishers and PR folks measure the social impact of their content.

The way it works is that the PostRank algorithm assigns different values to different actions on the social web, such as Tweets, blogs or social bookmarks. The more effort that an action takes, the more it is worth in the eyes of the PostRank algorithm.

The PostRank of any piece of content helps publishers determine what kind of content to focus on (i.e. the most engaging), and PR agencies evaluate whether a piece of content actually resonated with the target audience.

Update: Melanie Baker from PostRank left this comment and elaborated on platform’s features. Edits above in italics.

Knowem for Reputation Management

KnowEm helps brands secure their name in the social media sphere. The platform also provides reporting on social media activity around branded usernames.

Depending on the package you choose, KnowEm will let you register your username on up to 300 social networks. Networks are also categories. Users can prioritize the kinds of communities that are most relevant to them.

The reporting function is like Google Alerts on steroids. In addition to tracking brand mentions, the software also trends those mentions in a way that helps users determine where in the world and on the web users are talking about their brand.

SocialTALK for Social Content Management

The SocialTALK suite of tools is geared for brands that produce and syndicate content across several different channels. SocialTALK also offers reporting on how that content performed in the social sphere.

SocialTALK provides an interface where content creators upload content for moderation. Once a moderator approves the content it can be syndicated to any number of outlets, such as company blogs, Facebook profiles and fan pages, and Twitter accounts.

After the content is syndicated, users can get reports on the comments, responses, likes, and shares that the content received. This helps publishers determine what kind of content worked best with what channel.

Do You Really Need Any of This?

If the goal of your social media activity is just to drive traffic, then Google Analytics can probably fill most of your reporting needs. But the real potential of the social web is that it exists in the cloud, away from your own site.

So if social media is a substantial part of your marketing, PR, or customer service strategies, you should probably consider some additional tools. Using something tailored to your needs and activity you can better determine what’s effective and how to invest your resources.

After all, the allure of social media for most business is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike media buys, so long as you have a competent in-house team, it doesn’t require any additional investment.

If your brand is actually investing employee time into social media you want to measure what’s working and what’s not so that your team isn’t wasting their time (and your money).

About CT Moore

A former Staff Editor here at Revenews.com, CT Moore is a recovering agency hack with over a decade experience leveraging search, social media, and content marketing to help brands meet their business goals online. He currently provides digital strategy consulting to start-ups, SMBs, enterprise level companies through his consultancy Socialed Inc.. CT is also an accomplished blogger and speaker who educates groups and companies on how they can better leverage different online channels.

Twitter: gypsybandito

8 Responses to 4 Social Media Tools for the Enterprise Level

  1. CT Moore says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Lauren. I've update the post for you.

  2. Thank you! Again, great review and resource for those people looking for tools to help measure objectives.

  3. Thank you for reviewing our tool and recommending use for monitoring. There is no magic button or cookie cutter approach to any social media monitoring tool on the market. You must choose a tool or combination of tools that best meet your measurable objectives. However, I would like to clarify our tool goes beyond monitoring and helps an organization engage with external community from all points across the enterprise. Within the dashboard or our Engagement Console, your organization may choose to interact with any of the relevant alerts, posts or tweets. Also, we are integrated with SalesForce to link up your sales/account team with online conversation to assist ion on/offline interaction and with Webtrends to overlay your social data with activity on your site.

    Thank you,

    Lauren Vargas
    Sr. Community Manager at Radian6

  4. Derek says:

    We truly do need to embrace these tools sooner rather than later – the time it saves over trying to gather all this info manually really adds up!

    I hadn't heard of SocialTalk yet, so thanks for that!


  5. Sheldon says:

    This is a nice little post with some great tools for people to start looking at.

    I would also recommend you check out Sysomos' line of products for some other choices into social media monitoring, engaging and analytics.

    All of these tools will be important for a social media campaign, and users should check them all out and figure out which ones work best for what they are trying to achieve.


    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  6. Thanks for the inclusion, CT, though a couple corrections.

    Not sure if you meant PageRank or Google Analytics, but we're not a competitor of or alternative to either of them. We measure different things. 🙂

    PageRank ranks pages themselves based on Google's algorithms. PostRank ranks the posts/content on those pages in terms of how much, how often, and how well its readers engaged with it.

    Also, if you did mean GA (and given that you largely referred to other paid services in the piece…), PostRank Analytics isn't an alternative to Google Analytics. GA is good stuff for tracking your on-site engagement. PA tracks your off-site engagement. We actually integrate Google Analytics into our PostRank Analytics accounts.



  7. CT Moore says:

    @Melanie, thanks for the comments and clarification. I simply meant to say a "complement" to GA, and I've updated the post.

  8. Kelly says:

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