How Not to Irritate People with Popups on Your Website

Popups are a one of the most useful tools available to marketers. They are a great way to gain new subscribers and to make sales. However, in order for popups to work for, rather than against you, you need to be aware of their dos and don’ts. It’s common knowledge that many users don’t love popups, so you need to find the balance between using popups to increase conversions and keeping your users happy. Here are some tips to help you find a balance.

Put Popups on Relevant Pages Only

One of the secrets that applies to increasing conversions with any type of advertising is relevancy and popups aren’t an exception. When the message/offer in the popup is irrelevant to what your users like and need, this dramatically drops the chance for them to act.

This is why you need to put your popups on relevant pages only and not on every single page of your site. For instance, if your blog is a tech one, and you have a PC tips section, a web apps section, and an internet marketing section, and you have an offer for a SEO package, the best option is to put the ad only in the internet marketing section. It’s the most likely section to target readers interested in SEO. You might also have the option to place a popup in the web apps section, unless its content is targeted at end users who are less likely to be interested in SEO.

While popups on relevant pages only are a great first step, you still don’t know if a majority of readers find these ads relevant or not. Because of this you need to give the user the option to not to view future popups. The ads might be relevant to a user’s interests, but if the user doesn’t want to see popups at all, even if you disregard his or her will, this isn’t to your advantage because they’ll be both irritated an even less likely to buy from you.

Put Timely and Timed Offers

In addition to relevance, timing is also important. Quite obviously, you can’t sell Christmas offers in May, but accounting for timing goes beyond holidays. For instance, during the summer months when more people are on vacation, any business-sounding offer will most likely get less attention than if you place the same offer in September or October.

Additionally, to increase conversions consider using timed offers. If your offer is available forever, users will think, “Oh, I will come back later.”  Then they might forget and never come back. However, if you state that the offer expires two days from now, those users who are considering a purchase, will be urged to do it now or they risk the chance of missing it.

Change the Message/Offer Frequently

When users see the same messages/offers over and over again, this simply kills your conversions. It is ridiculous when you have a timed offer this week and you see the same thing two weeks from now. Resist the urge to reuse timed offers verbatim. You can modify it a bit (e.g. offer something else in addition to what you were offering in the first timed offer) and this could save you. However, it is best for your brand to make new offers instead of recycling your old ones.

Gather Newsletter Subscribers

No matter how attractive your offers are, there will always be users who are interested, but can’t or won’t make the purchase now. It makes sense to keep in touch with these users. One of the best ways to do it is if you convert them to subscribers to your newsletter. This opens a whole new universe of opportunities for you because in your newsletter you can include many more offers these users will like seeing in popups. So when you use popups to sell stuff, don’t miss the opportunity to use the popup to gain newsletter subscribers as well.

Popups can convert like mad if you use them wisely. Follow these tips, experiment with them, and see what works for you. And most importantly, if you see no results right away, don’t give up but keep trying and fine tuning your popups!

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