Protecting your Small Business Information


There are a lot of hackers out there, and with what happened to Sony still on everyone’s minds, no company wants to compromise the safety of sensitive information.

Owning a small business is no easy task, so why make things more difficult by risking your company’s security? At best, your website could get shut down or hijacked, and at best, the credit card information for all of your customers could be stolen.

Most small businesses think of themselves as too small for hackers to take any notice of, but little do they know that hackers target small businesses more than large ones. A small business is less likely to spend the time and resources making their website secure. Most hackers will use tools that help them find vulnerable sites, and yours may be on the list.

The security of information is especially important to clients and customers, because your first contact with a potential client is usually online. The last thing any company wants is for customer relationships to be compromised by malware threats that could steal information from customers as soon as they visit your website. Your site could even be hijacked or crashed if it is lacking in security, which can also hurt your customer base.

For the last thirteen years, identity theft has been the number one complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. With so many people out there who are nervous about identity theft, or who have been victimized by it before, it is important to improve your website security in order to build trust with your customers. If they know that your website is secure, they will return.

Companies can take their information security and risk management into their own hands if they know how to check website’s security. Penetration testing is a way of finding out how easy it is for a hacker to break into the weak points in your security system. A network specialist will devise penetration tests that would work both within the network and outside of it. Then, if the weak point being tested can indeed be broken through, you now know what needs to be fixed.

Pentest tools is a website that allows you to test your website’s security. A network auditor or anyone else needing to check the security of a network can use ethical hacking tools, and with pentest tools, you can use penetration testing tools online without having to install anything. Even if you do have the tools needed to test your security, it is still a good idea to check with another set of tools.


Pentest tools are great if you need to the site from a different IP address, if your company’s firewall is keeping it from accessing restricted ports, or if your IP address has been blocked from a target service.

Other services that can help with website security are Metasploit, Wireshark, w3af, CORE Impact, Back Track, Net Sparker, Nessus, Burpsuite, Cain & Abel, Zed Attack Proxy, Acunetix, John the Ripper, and Retina. Some of these are commercial products that have free trials, and most of them work with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Though a lot of people are afraid of what could happen without good network security, there is plenty that can be done to increase security. Making your website more secure may seem like a daunting task, but if you don’t know how to test the security of your site yourself, you can hire someone who does, and then not have to worry about the safety of your company and its clients and employees.

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