Using Data to Create Content

Content is kingFor years the mantra, “Content is king,” has resounded in the ears of every online marketer. Content attracts traffic and customers, it drives social sharing and it builds/strengthens a company’s brand. It is what makes online marketing move.

Every great leader has someone working behind the scenes that takes the leaders ideas, strengths and charisma and molds it into the public face. For King Content that person behind the scenes is data. How so? Let’s take a peek at how data can impact this reign.


Building a better blog post

In post from SingleGrain Digital Marketing titled “5 Simple Techniques to Improve Lead Generation” shows how a simple and free tool for measuring data can be used to improve the foundation of content marketing, the blog post.

Using the metrics provided by Google Analytics businesses can find:

  • Which blog posts are capturing more views
  • Which posts are converting visitors
  • Which posts are engaging visitors, and for how long
  • Where the visitors are coming from, and which ones are converting at higher rates

With this information at hand, marketing can easily craft future posts to meet specific goals. If social shares are the goal and posts with embedded video have the highest metrics in that category, then they know what type of content is needed. If an educational post converts at a higher rate than a list, then more in depth content might be called for.


Trends vary from platform to platform. What catches traction on Twitter might not be as appealing on Facebook or Google +.  So if traffic from Google + converts at a higher rate than the other social media sites the type of content created should match these trends, if conversions are the end goal.

Steve Rayson from Social Media Today showed how this type of data can be captured, and analyzed using BuzzSumo. This research tool allows marketing professionals to not only see what the hot topics are across the different platforms, but also information that can help them:

  • Create and curate content
  • Research articles and content
  • Develop headlines
  • Analyze the competition

Marketers often find themselves asking what type of content is the most effective and which kind doesn’t work?

The reason data is so important, and effective, at giving businesses the edge in content marketing is because there is no clear-cut answer to that question. Every business, brand and product is different. What if effective for company A selling widgets might turn off customers that buy gadgets from company B.

Rusty Frioux, managing principal of DataClear explained how to best use data analytics to drive the right type of content, “Look at your content publishing as a way to test ideas. Use analytics to understand which content has the greatest readership and why. Then let that insight guide your strategy.”

Marketers should view every piece of content as a test. If the content fails to achieve the desired goal, let it guide future content development as a non-example. If it knocks it out of the park, use that information to help mold content in that vein. Once it is no longer effective, the data will let you know and by then you should already have metrics on the type of content that will take its place.


One Response to Using Data to Create Content

  1. Sunday says:

    Data readily gives more credence to content. It helps the make the content believable as it works more like the tap root. I think the takes in this article are revealing and quite practical. Every content creator needs accurate data that would make it to be more relevant.

    Thanks for sharing this Jeff!