eComXpo 2009 – The Virtual Tradeshow for Internet Marketers – Now Open

Currently going on at is the latest installment of the eComXpo virtual tradeshow for internet marketers, which happens entirely online in the realms of cyberspace. No travelling required,  no hotel room to book… none of those hassles.

Today is the first day of the show and it will be continued tomorrow. Admission for attendees is absolutely free for all of the 8,000+ expected attendees.

The virtual trade show has all the elements of a real-life event, except for the meeting people face to face, the parties and the hangovers the next day :). Exhibitors have virtual booth, you have a virtual bag to collect contact information and virtual schwag. You can chat with people at the booths, not just with the folks who run it, but also with the folks who visit it… you can even chat with anybody who runs around on the exhibit hall floors or any of the lounges.

Like a regular trade show, eComXpo has educational sessions, with the difference, that attending them at this virtual conference is free, no “FULL PASS” to access them is required. Just go to and register and off you go.

If you missed any of the educational sessions already, no worries, because all of the presentations and panel discussions will become available on the eComXpo web site after the show is over. You have to have an account though, which is another good reason to check it out. The session recordings will be available for 90 days, before they will be taken down.

eComXpo is a good training exercise, if you never attended a conference before.

Let me quote a post of my own that I wrote in October 2006 for

The eComXpo has a lot of advantages to attract affiliates of all levels:

  • The free admission makes it possible for any affiliate to attend regardless of available budget, newbie and super affiliate.
  • There is no need to travel to get to the show, you just go to your computer and you are there. You can attend as long as you want, 5 minutes or 5 hours or every hour for 15 minutes. It’s up to you or the time available, especially for affiliates that still have a day job.
  • Affiliates that can afford to spend the time and money for the trade show pass, flight, hotel, taxi etc. (which is not cheap) have a hard time to believe and see for themselves that the investment is worth it. eComXpo is a good introduction of those Affiliates to the principle of those tradeshows and the opportunities that can come from it.

Entirely virtual Tradeshows like eComXpo will never replace the real live human contact of tradeshows in the real world, not to mention the socializing and networking opportunities at the parties that are organized by show organizer itself and various sponsors.

I used to be one of those affiliates and eComXpo (among other things) made me attend real-life conferences afterwords.
I will be one of the presenters at the event, among many other known figures in this industry. My session will be at the end of Day 1, Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 8:20 pm EST. It is a ca. 50 minutes long presentation titled “What Makes a Good Datafeed? Tips for Merchants” and as the title already says… it’s about product data feeds.

My presentation slides are already available at my net account. In order to hear what I have to say to those slides, you have to come to my session on Wednesday when every attendee will get the information that my slides are up on So if you are reading this before the coming Wednesday, you have already the advantage that you can check out the presentation before everybody else. 🙂

If you are a Merchant or Network and interested in the subject of affiliate data feeds, make sure that you also check out my data feed related resources at my website at and my data feeds primer article at

Cheers and see you soon in Cyberspace!

Carsten Cumbrowski
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