LogMyCalls Launches Into the Future: A Q&A with CEO Jason Wells

Last week, call tracking, recording, and customer intelligence solution, LogMyCalls, emerged from Beta. Offered by ContactPoint, LogMyCalls got off to a strong start by winning the Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award and the Customer Interaction Solutions Product of the Year Award during its Beta period. We caught up with ContactPoint CEO, Jason Wells to find out what comes next for this innovative service.

1. During LogMyCalls’ Beta period, what system features became customer favorites and did any of them surprise you with how popular they became over other features? 

The surprise has been the number of people interested in our lead scoring and call scoring functionality. LogMyCalls can actually score the quality of leads and track close rates from calls. It has, frankly, surprised me that so many companies are interested in this data.

We knew people would be very interested in call tracking reports that show marketing data. We knew they would be interested in our Google Analytics and CRM integration. We also knew they would be interested in some of our mobile marketing automation features. But honestly, we didn’t anticipate that many customers would want to use our call scoring and lead scoring features.

Basically, they like that LogMyCalls allows them to create and customize scorecards to grade leads and marketing channels. LogMyCalls also keeps track of phone close rates and conversion rates. And we’re finding that businesses—Enterprise-level, SMB, marketing firms, affiliate marketers—are interested in tracking phone close rates, phone lead quality and phone conversion rates. This data was being ignored by marketers, which is weird, because close rates on the phone are significantly higher than online close rates, and phone calls are becoming more frequent with the deluge of mobile marketing. 

Our message is simple: your marketing data is incomplete if you’re not tracking calls and call conversions in the same way you measure web traffic and web conversions.

2. Additional customer and sales data can be great resources for business, but knowing what to do with the data can be challenging. What are some of the best and/or creative ways you’ve heard of clients using their LogMyCalls data?

We work with SEO, SEM and direct response marketing firms that are using LogMyCalls for basic call tracking but, also to track phone close rates. So when a client calls them and says, ‘Hey, your marketing efforts are not working for us’, they’re able to say, ‘Yes it is, we generated 143 calls for you last week. The problem is that you only closed 2% of those calls.’ LogMyCalls allows marketing firms to get more business and retain that business.

One of our clients had been pouring money into an advertising channel they assumed was working (they were spending around 70% of their advertising budget on this specific channel), but once they started using LogMyCalls they realized this advertising channel was producing ZERO phone calls. In fact, it produced ZERO calls for 3 months.

We had another client contact us just this week that said they were able to recover a very large deal after being alerted by LogMyCalls. An employee had failed to close the deal, so the supervisor heard the call in LogMyCalls, called the customer back and closed the deal himself.

3. Some services start out really strong, and then they start to suffer from “feature creep.” How do you and your team plan to keep LogMyCalls feature rich, but not bloated?

It is all about focus.

We’ve got to remain focused on our core goal which is to mine the data out of every single call. Within every call there are truckloads of critical marketing data, customer intelligence and call analytics. LogMyCalls’ future features will remain focused on that singular mission: turning dialogue from phone calls into useful marketing, customer intelligence and sales data.

The other thing I want to point out here is that we’ve got some great partners. Some of our largest clients are going to be instrumental in the new features we release. We are working with them to map-out and develop new features. Our largest clients and partners are very demanding, which is good, because it continually pushes us to develop new features, while still focusing on our core mission.

FYI, we have a few feature releases planned for early fall and then a major feature release planned in the winter.

4. What else should we know about LogMyCalls?

Well, the sign-up process is super-simple. You can sign up online, request a demo or just call us at (866) 811-8880. We can have everything set up immediately if you need it. Also, LogMyCalls is very inexpensive and simple to use.

We also provide a constant stream of marketing tips and information on our Twitter account and Google+ page.  So make sure you follow us and add us to your circles.


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