Connectivity Equals Brand Ambassadors

In an era when we’re all interacting with the world through our gadgets, be they mobile devices or GPS systems, our relationship with information and each another is drastically changing. The old media model of one-way broadcast communication has morphed into an intergalactic web of cross pollinating ideas, opinions, and information. The ubiquitous availability of peer-based information and the socialization of media have paved the way for a new kind of connectivity between businesses and their community .

Brian Solis of PR 2.0 recently introduced an exciting model for optimizing the rampant availability for online connectivity called MicroPR, a PR resource for journalists, bloggers, and analysts on Twitter. The passion behind the project conspires to create new communities and communication channels that will ultimately change the information ecosystem.

Below is an example of the MicroPR information flow that uses Twitter, (a free social networking and micro-blogging service allowing users to send and read other users’ updates,) to share PR questions, resources, news, and feedback with all those interested in connecting with the PR community:

The MicroPR project is an exciting project to participate in and as with any innovative application of social tools, I believe it’s a powerful model for new media marketing strategists. There’s no reason why the same equation can’t be applied to your business or brand.

Community + Business + Twitter = Brand Ambassadors

I liken the MicroPR profile, as a basecamp for all the people and professionals associated with your business; a place to mingle, and a place to share and swap ideas, resources, news, feedback, and questions. The key is to give people a reason to mingle.

Think of exploiting a unique aspect of your brand and something that provokes either conversation or encourages people to get online and grab it: offer product specials, design an online treasure hunt, create a multi-media contest using Flickr or YouTube, or give way insider tips. Think of your basecamp as platform for listening and response, a platform to get valuable and instant feedback, and not a one-way broadcast channel. Think mingle!

The MicroPR project is but one inspiration in a seemingly limitless list of online opportunities for community building, branding, and marketing. Twitter now boasts over six million registered users and continues to grow exponentially. Twitter’s phenomenal growth and ability to keep us all hyper-connected is nothing short of awesome but also proves people’s desire to stay connected. It’s a huge tip for new media marketers and should encourage your business or brand to find their own unique way to get in on the action.

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