Previewing SES New York: Jason Wells, ContactPoint CEO, Talks Mobile

This week marks the beginning of SES New York. Focused on helping both beginners and experts, SES New York will offer a five-track agenda for attendees that covers the areas that matter most for online marketers. The three primary tracks include:

  • SEO
  • Paid Search
  • Social/Local/Mobile

Over the three days of panels, SES will also offer panels in two alternating tracks: Accelerator, Kick Start, Search in Regulated Industries, Email Marketing, and Filthy Linking Rich. Presenters come a wide range of companies, including the first day keynote by Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik. To get a sense of what you can expect from SES New York, the event organizers put us in touch with panelist Jason Wells, CEO of ContactPoint. Wells will participate on the panel Driving Mobile Traffic: SEO and PPC.

Why should someone come to SES New York and, specifically, to your panel?

You can’t beat New York and you can’t beat SES! SES New York is the place to be if you want to stay cutting edge, but more importantly, it is a great place to network. You have the big dogs there like Google, but you also have smaller companies on-the-move, like us, that are introducing new products and solutions. As we introduce our new mobile lead tracking solution, LogMyCalls, we’re excited to connect with people at SES New York. That’s what SES is all about: mutually beneficial connections.

Our panel is titled Driving Mobile Traffic: SEO and PPC. I am very, very passionate about mobile. And the other panelists are, too. There are some great people on the panel. Our goal is to be on the forefront of the mobile revolution. Even though it seems like mobile’s been around for a while, fundamental ideas of how mobile marketing works and what is important, are still being formulated. So, we’re going to talk about mobile ads, mobile landing pages, and goals for mobile marketing in general. This panel will be utterly awesome.

If someone is just starting out with mobile, what’s the one best practice you recommend to every marketer?

Change your mindset completely about what your marketing goals are, and what metrics are important.

Here’s what I mean:  most people entering the mobile marketing world are pros at online marketing. They measure click-throughs, conversion rates and a host of other analytics. But those may not be the most important things to measure with mobile.

Mobile is about driving phone calls.

A phone call is not only the most common mobile action after a search, but it should be the goal of mobile marketers. Simply put: disregard many of the ideas you have about what’s important in the online marketing world before you enter the mobile space.

What strategies do marketers need to consider as data plans continue to shift with some providers even contemplating action-based (e.g., posting a Tweet will cost less than watching a video) data charging?

It is going to take some time before the dust clears and we all learn what the providers are ultimately going to do. Mobile marketers are going to have to be very nimble in the coming years. If tweets are universally less expensive to post than videos are to watch, that will determine marketing strategy and content creation. These things are going to evolve.

What, if any, differences do you see between mobile strategies for phones versus tablets?

There are gigantic differences. In terms of a marketers goals and strategies for measurement—and this is important—tablets are more similar to desktops than they are to smartphones. Tablet marketers are still focused on click-throughs and landing pages and web analytics. Smartphone marketers need to be focused on generating phone calls. They need to measure phone calls, track leads from phone calls and, of course, strategies have to be built around that goal.

Marketers seeking to drive traffic via tablets will want to focus on video (especially with the new iPad launching), more traditional landing page optimization best practices, and better content.

Marketers focused on smartphones should focus on phone calls and text messages. They need to use phone lead tracking tools to measure mobile marketing effectiveness, while tablets will utilize traditional tools like Google Analytics, etc.

SES New York runs from March 19-23 at the Hilton New York.

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