News Brief: Digital Performance Group Acquires Viva9

Digital Performance Group Ltd, an ASX listed holding company for performance-based digital marketing, has agreed to acquire Viva9 Pty Ltd, Australia’s second largest affiliate network. Costing a reported $2 million, the acquisition will expand the group’s existing affiliate business unit, dgm.

The acquisition establishes dgm as the defacto leader in the Australian market. Viva9 was formed in 2006 with the view that affiliate marketing presented some fantastic opportunities in the corporate space. A combination of three companies all focused in the online space, Viva9 has, in the last three years achieved revenue growth of over 800 percent by offering performance marketing products with integrity.

“dgm and Viva9 have been the leaders in the Australian affiliate market for the past nine years and together have worked with the majority of finance, retail, and telco advertisers investing marketing dollars via affiliate networks in Australia and New Zealand,” said Digital Performance Group’ managing director Chris Meehan.

“We expect there to be stronger growth in the affiliate channels particularly with the forecast strong growth in online retail as more retailers follow the international trend to launch online properties and shift more of their marketing dollars online,” he added.

“In addition, the Viva9 lead generation network, and client relationships, will add further impetus to the rapid growth that DPG expects within its lead generation channel over the next 12 months.”

DPG’s other business, Empowered Communications, also benefits from the deal, with a boost to its email database to 600,000. This means additional capacity for Empowered to fulfill eDM campaigns as well as fulfilling research briefs.

It is unclear how this consolidation will impact active affiliates on the Viva9 network. Obviously some change in tracking and link structure will occur, but to what extent has yet to be determined. It will also be interesting to see if this move by dgm after consolidating their position in Australia will be used as a stepping stone for international business or if they are grooming themselves for a potential future buyer.

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