Standing Out From The Rest: How to Attract More People to Your Small Business

The “small fish in a big pond” analogy is pretty apt for what a small business tends to seem like in the grand scheme of things. With all the other small fish swimming around, it’s hard to get noticed when all the other fish are trying to do the same.

Start-ups already have enough on their plate striving to get operational while doing it as cheaply as possible.  Sadly, many businesses fail before they even get off the ground. But, should they get past that initial startup phase, the next step is attracting more customers, and that’s where marketing comes in.

Advantages of a Great Marketing Strategy

To create a great marketing strategy, you have to have a plan—a method to the madness. Much thought and action go into the making of a good plan, and you’ll likely find yourself in the thick of sorting out details while simultaneously focusing on the critical things. By having a plan, you can better see things as they come your way, thus being able to avoid making preventable mistakes and mishaps through proper preparation and pacing.

Secondly, a great marketing strategy makes it easy to evaluate new possibilities. It keeps you proactive and lets you seize opportunities as they come. Whether those opportunities present themselves through luck and circumstance or vision and effort, others may have missed them should they not have had a plan in place. It’s not through mere expectations, but through trusting the process that you get to recognize an opportunity.

Lastly, a great marketing strategy is tuned for the long term and helps you see the bigger picture. It’s easy to lose focus or become too emotionally involved with the day-to-day proceedings and the stresses that come with it. But when you base your actions on a sound plan, you get to dial that back in and remind yourself of the long-term goals and objectives that you set out for in the first place.

Importance of an Effective Marketing Strategy

In a time when even the smallest fish can grow to become a shark, if you’re driven, you will get your brand noticed. But, it can take a long time to do that and as such, it can take a while to bring in new customers.

The effectiveness of your marketing strategy doesn’t only dictate how many new customers you can acquire, but also how you’re still able to do business through the whole process. When you have a good plan, you can follow it and not get spread too thin. Having more than you can handle is the sign of poor planning, which is mostly avoidable and fairly inexcusable.

It’s important to have positive results that you can clearly see as they will fuel the fire that keeps you motivated. Nothing is more discouraging than working so hard and not getting anything out of it. While you may stumble along the way, when you see positive results already, you’ll be able to pick yourself up and keep going.

Marketing Strategies You Can Use:

Traditional offline marketing still applies in this day and age. In fact, it’s the fundamental marketing strategy that serves as the foundation you build upon, especially as a small business. Having well-designed business cards, giving out flyers and brochures, putting up posters and classified ads, and so on are still pretty much a big part of marketing yourself as a small business. You can then take those and combine them with online marketing that’s honed in on your target market.

Having a social media presence, putting up targeted online ads, and even uploading videos can help with your overall marketing strategy. The great thing about having an online presence is that you get to engage with the audience, which is a gift that keeps on giving if you play it right. By having both offline and online marketing working together as a holistic strategy, you can get good results as long as you have a sound plan to go with it.

If you wish to have your small business become more than it already is, then you’re in for a wild ride indeed. The information above is just the tip of the iceberg. How the business fits with the rest of its market is something you’ll have to think about quite a bit, as well as take to heart. If you happen to be one of those who get lucky with that and beyond, that’s great. But for other small businesses, it’s about hanging tight and doing what you can, no matter what it takes.

About Jack Rivera

Jack Rivera is a business writer and a marketing consultant.

A proud father to two sons, He also loves playing Chess and Magic: The Gathering.
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