The Network Solutions Scandal

In case you missed it, there is a big scandal going on right now with network solutions. Apparently they implemented a process whereby when you search network solutions to find an available name, they actually register names immediately and hold them for 4 days so it can only be registered at Network Solutions.

The scandal of course is all over digg and the blogosphere. What I find particularly funny though is Network Solution’s ad campaigns. As you can see in the screen shot below, when you visit the dig page for the scandal Network Solutions is actually advertising there. Now that’s money well spent! Maybe they should run some apology ads instead of trying to get people discussing boycotting NSI to purchase their services.


Here are some links to the Network Solutions Frontrunning scandal:

  • digg
  • A Network Solution’s employee has been charged with trying to get the word out on the street that the company was actually trying to “protect” their customers from frontrunners, by actually frontrunning themselves. Wow, there is some shifty spin control action!

  • Shashi Bellamkonda’s blog
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