5 Ways to Personalize your Customers’ Experience

Highly personalized customer experience is the future of business and more specifically, of top quality customer service.

A large number of businesses are now going online-only and as more sales and marketing work is done digitally rather than in the real world, it is important that companies learn how to be effective in this area. The digital business world offers infinite opportunities for customer data collation and subsequent personalization – something which has shown to be beneficial to improving conversions and customer loyalty.

All of that sounds great, but it can be a confusing world to wade into for more traditional businesses. Here are some tips on how your company can easily go about personalizing your customers’ experience and generally be more awesome.

Collect More Data

Collect more data

This is the key to personalizing the customer experience in the digital age. You can now easily collect a whole wealth of data about your customers which can help to build an incredibly detailed profile of who they are. Through mailing list sign ups, cookie tracking and social media interaction you can gain information, including, but not limited to; their personal details; browsing activity; online influence; shopping preferences. Once you start gathering this information, then you can figure out how best to use it.

Tailor contact

One of the most basic, but highly effective ways to improve the customer interaction is by personalizing your contact, most commonly through tailored email promotions. Unless you operate within a small niche, then you likely offer a wide range of products or services, and your customers are probably not interested in exactly the same one. So, why are you sending them all the exact same emails? Consumers are much savvier than they used to be and are immediately turned off by a blatant sales pitch. Use the data you have to put a personal spin on things. A great example is sending an email to customers on their birthday offering them a little birthday discount.

Go the extra mile

Customers love companies that go beyond the call of duty. There are lots of little ways you can do this which will generate a lot of good will and might even help get you noticed, if the customer shares their experience through social media. For customer service, try just sending a quick, personalized follow up email to ensure that everything was resolved properly – showing you care. Try issuing a small thank you note with sales orders perhaps. These are simple, quick and cost-effective things you can do to instantly improve the customer experience and make them feel valued.

Ask for their feedback

It’s all well and good spending forever analyzing stats and figures for conversion rates and click-throughs and such, but there are few better indicators of your success than honest and direct customer feedback. Get to the heart of the issue by contacting customers and asking for their frank feedback on their entire experience. Be sure to make it worth their while to do so by offering an entry into a prize drawing or another promotion.

Give them something

Customers don’t just want to give away their details for nothing. Many got to active lengths to avoid doing so. In order to gain a complete customer profile, offer them a reason to sign up for your mailing list and provide you the details which you need to excel in personalizing. Perhaps in exchange for their details you can offer free downloads of an eBook full of insights and tips in your industry, access to exclusive offers for discounts and other desirable perks. Really good data collection is done with the customers express permission.


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