5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

In my last post I talked about marketers that fail to track phone calls and social media ROI. They track online conversion rates fastidiously, but then they stare at you blankly when you ask how many calls their marketing generates, or when you ask them about social media ROI. My goal today is to lay out clearly how to increase landing page conversion rates by implementing call tracking.

Landing Page Design

There are several vital keys to landing page optimization that will increase your conversion rates. I should note that every marketer thinks they know these rules, but looking at landing pages across the web leads me to believe otherwise.

1. Headline – The headline of your landing page needs to be short and precise. Ask yourself this question: does a visitor know at-a-glance what your landing page offers?

2. Concise Copy –There is a rule journalists follow that marketers should also apply:  use the fewest words necessary to get your point across.

Keeping that awesome rule in mind, also remember this statistic: Only 20 percent of people view landing page content “below the fold.” If someone has to scroll down to see content, they will never see the content.

3. Call-to-Action – What do you want a visitor to do on your landing page? This call-to-action should be crystal clear.

4. Phone Number – Place your phone number in prominent locations on the landing page so a visitor can call you.

Our data shows that a customer is 25 times more likely to buy from you if they call than if they fill out a form. Let me say that again…a customer is 25 times more likely to buy from you if they call you than if they fill out a form. That’s substantial.

What does this mean?

It means that you should focus on getting as many customers to call you as possible. This is vital. You should place your phone number on the upper left-hand side of your landing page, or place it above your form. If you should use call tracking so you can measure, not only the percent of people that filled out a form, but also the percent of people that called you. Your conversion rate will be higher. Your close rates will go up. Your bosses will love you.

5. Rigorous Testing – You should A/B test every element of your landing pages. Place phone numbers in different locations. Test and tweak specific form fields. Test different content and headlines.

Comprehensive Conversion Rates

The goal of tracking phone calls and social media ROI (which I’ll get to in another post) is simple: to track a comprehensive conversion rate that gives you data from every source. You need a comprehensive conversion rate metric. These fundamentals of landing page design mean very little if they don’t convert, and you can’t know comprehensively how many are converting if you’re not tracking phone conversions from your website.

About Jason Wells

Jason Wells is the CEO of ContactPoint. Their flagship product, LogMyCalls, provides inexpensive tools for businesses seeking to optimize marketing, lead quality and minimize lost leads. These tools—phone call tracking, call recording, mobile marketing automation and call performance scoring—allow businesses to determine which advertising methods are effective and improve their ability to secure business over the phone. Prior to leading ContactPoint, Jason was Senior VP for Sony Pictures Television where he led the creation and international expansion of the mobile business line from London. For more information, visit www.logmycalls.com or call 866-811-8880.

13 Responses to 5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

  1. Conversion rate is EVERYTHING!! Nice post!

    • RivaRian says:

      True, even across spectrums, including otc-pinkieland ticker, KMAG’s recent preferred convertible (to common stocks) OWNER’s transaction, who got “potentially 625m KMAG common stk” @ $0.000525 per sh, versus a current mkt price $ 0.003 – 0.004 per share, up whooping 666% in just a couple of months.  whoa ;-) 

  2. It’s important to keep landing pages simple in order to get people to convert.  The information should be relevant to the link that got them there.  Include a good call to action.  Testing landing pages is key.  You can’t assume that one will work better than another.  You need to test to get the proof.  

  3. iCyberSurfer says:

    Clear and concise.. 
    I’m glad someone else believes most landing pages are over HYPED.

  4. Thanks Jason for those great tips. I never thought of putting a phone number above the fold and how it increased conversion rates. I’m for including it to make the prospect feel more comfortable with my offer. Proving it’s legitimacy with a phone and address.

    Just wondering was there a study on this or is this from your own A/B testing?

  5. In our experience, clear and concise to the point landing pages have a certain target personality. Hyped overextended landing pages also have a target personality. The key is to know what type of visitor you are attracting. There are folks who just want to read about the features, (it has 1 button and 1 terabyte of memory) and there are folks who NEED to hear about the benefits and feed off of much hype such as hearing long stories about how this new product has changed peoples life’s, and how it will affect their life’s in a positive way as well. (I.E. imagine what your life would be like if xyz…). In regards to “a customer is 25 times more likely to buy from you if they call you than if they fill out a form” again depends on the personality of your target audience. Our target audience does not need nor want a phone number, they simply want a button to click, then pay, and receive a product instantly without having to talk to anyone. Go figure.

  6. John says:

    “Only 20 percent of people view landing page content “below the fold.” If someone has to scroll down to see content, they will never see the content.”
    What is this, 1999? That thinking is ancient. Recent usability studies have proven this a false assumption. People understand how to use web pages now, and that they scroll.

  7. McKay Allen says:

    Great comments all. The key is really have a goal and then testing with landing pages. Include a phone number as well. Phone conversions will be higher than web conversions. 

  8. Johnyaeger85 says:

    Conversion is easy to say but difficult to achieve and I’m just glad that you have one of the most substantial advice when it comes to conversion. Appreciate it so much.

  9. Ryan Key says:

    These methods work, but I think it really comes down to design and content.  Most landing pages tend to look spammy and also the same as the next.  Stand out with content and design.  

  10. Jackson Tan says:

    yeah.. we always need to track the conversion rate.. how much do u think is a average or good conversion rate? opt in rate?