7 Offline Tactics to Gain More Twitter Followers

With so many predictions about Twitter going big on the monetization side of business, it’s clear that 2014 will be the year to watch out for as online marketers will struggle and trip all over themselves trying to be seen and heard. If you don’t fancy paying a bucketload of cash to sponsor your posts and gain higher visibility, then perhaps you may want to pay attention and perform these offline strategies instead. It’ll get you more followers and reward you with impressive Twitter marketing results.

Tactic #1: Include your Twitter handle on your business card

Whether you’re a social media strategist or a freelance hairdresser, business cards are still very much relevant in the business world. Tip: It’s easy to go overboard with cramming your business card with your various social media profiles, so be sure to do so selectively.

 Tactic #2: Strategically place your Twitter link on print materials

Again, space constraint meant that you can’t place all your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blog links all in one flyer or brochure, but you can design them in a way that incorporates clever use of logos. Be a little more aggressive, for example, saying “You should follow us on Twitter @yourusername” will get you more followers.

Tactic #3: Give incentive to would-be Twitter followers

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle shove in the right direction. If you have a storefront or a brick-and-mortar presence, even if it’s at a flea market stall, you could encourage people to follow you on Twitter by giving them a discount or an attractive offer. With so many people toting around smartphones and Wifi-enabled mobile devices now, it’s easy to get them to show you their profiles following you in order to enjoy the discount or offer.

Tactic #4: Twitter-fy your direct mail marketing campaign


When sending out direct mails, do consider crafting them in a way to encourage people to follow you on Twitter. You can also include a short note for them to tweet you should they need help, support or assistance. Showing just how responsive you are on Twitter will prompt them to regularly reach out to you via this channel.

Tactic #5: Use QR codes on merchandise

QR codes are highly popular these days. You see them everywhere and people do scan them to get offers or discounts, so why not make use of that and place them strategically on promotional merchandise like T-shirts, rubber bracelets, mousepads and mugs. Attaching a line like: “Scan and follow us on Twitter” should help in getting more followers on your Twitter account.

Tactic #6: Trawl networking events and trade shows

A trade show or networking events is a great way to build up your contacts increase Twitter followers. Don’t be shy in giving out your business cards containing your Twitter username or even whip out your smartphone and ask for an exchange of contact information.

Tactic 7: Use hashtags on TV ads

Are TV commercials still relevant in 2014? Of course it is! Several companies that managed to successfully incorporate offline Twitter tactics by way of introducing hashtags within the ads can attest to that.

  • Audi famously aired its viral Super Bowl ad and inserted the hashtag #ProgressIs followed by its name and logo. Of course, consistency is key too, as the bold car brand used the same hashtag for the entire year, keeping the trend alive both offline and online. This is a great example of how a hashtag can stand on its own despite not bearing the company’s brand or products (in Audi’s case, cars).

  • Part of Dr. Pepper’s “Always One of a Kind” campaign is to show a short but memorable ad featuring the hashtag #ImA. It’s a great open-ended hashtag that many can relate to, and start a conversation online, even if they aren’t so hot on Dr. Pepper all the time.

  • HGTV’s “Love Home” campaign introduced not one, but two hashtags – #lovehome and #hgtv – along with a contest which got them pretty nice results in the form of 40,000 submissions. All the contestants need to do is to take pictures and submit them, and besides earning prizes described in the campaign, some were also able to see their creations included on the TV ads.

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