Affiliate Summit: My Backpack

Several people at Affiliate Summit asked me about my backpack (I thought that made it worthy of an article). Yes, it is a solar backpack. Yes, it is the ultimate geek gear. It is from Voltaic which is a ShareASale merchant.

It can charge any cell phone (actually, it can charge 2 at a time which is great as I carry a regular phone and a Sidekick). It has adapters for all US cell phones and let’s you carry one on the strap while it’s charging. It also allows you to plug in any standard car charger for so you can recharge other portable electronics. Voltaic says that you can charge a computer with it but I haven’t tried that yet.

[Author’s Note: Yes, you can use some of the links above to find Voltaic through Cashbaq and save on your backpack purchase. I couldn’t resist.]

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David Lewis is CEO and Co-founder of Prycing. He’s been around affiliate marketing for a long time.

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One Response to Affiliate Summit: My Backpack

  1. David:
    I didn't even notice it when we chatted. Very cool.

    Also, I would find this entry worthwhile if it weren't for the fact that you're just trying to grow your business though it. You're so transparent, David, and don't think that by being direct with readers about it makes you a better person 😉

    On a serious note, I'm sorry I never had a chance to corner you for that interview opportunity (at the Summit). I hope that we might explore conducting it — and soon. I am confident that the Revenews community would simply love to hear you school me on issues that we each feel so strongly about (not to mention hear me say "yes, David, that's not only a valid point but a great one… and one that advertisers should consider strongly when examining the issue").

    I look forward to giving the community what it deserves in 2006… and working with people like you more closely to deliver useful insights.